Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~

Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~

This story has abit of Yuri in it (GirlXGirl), so don't tell me I didn't warn you, otherwise, have fun reading & comment please!!
When an Angel (Rin) falls in love with a human girl (Miku), she will do anything to be with her, even if it means giving up Heaven & her wings.
Re-encarnated as a boy (Len), he wanders towards her mansion, to find her engaged to another man. Can Len capture her heart before its too late? Or will he be punished for a horrible crime?

Chapter 1

The Angel's Sin

by: Cozy_Glow
Rin was a beautiful girl with the purest & whitest wings. She was the most polite & obedient angel of all of Heaven. She smiled on humans & protected them from harm & demons.

"Rin?" a shy-guy asked, tapping her shoulder.
"Yes, Terry" she turned, smiling.
"Oh, nothing" he said, blushing. "Just wanted to know if you'd like to help me watch stars?"
"Well, the stars are mighty pretty" she giggled. "Of course I'll join you!"

So, Terry flew off, the biggest smile on his face. He was Captain of Angel Security, making sure everyone obeyed the rules. Rin smiled as he left, then turned back to watching the humans. A bunch of children were playing in a playground together & adults & young teens chatted & laughed, pleasing Hari emensely. Then, a woman crossed her veiw, green hair flying in the breeze. Rin leaned over the balcony so much, she fell towards earth. Spreading her wings, she gently landed beside the woman.

Rin blushed & smiled. "You are quite beautiful"
"Huh?" the lady turned in a circle. "Who said that?"
"Oh, I'm sorry" Hari apoligised, appearing. "I forgot that Angels can disappear from human sight if they wish!"
"A-an...Angel?!" the woman stammered, shocked.
"Don't frieght" Rin smiled, taking the lady's hand. "I'm your gaurdian &..."
"Obvisoly, my lover, too" the lady blushed, giggling. "I'm Miku, & you?"
"Rin" she replied, taking Miku's right arm in hers.

Rin hid herself from others veiw & walked Miku to her mansion. Rin didn't go back, but stayed with Miku. She knew what would happen if she uttered one breath about this: Punishment. But, something happened to Rin that day: she didn't care about the love to humans rule anymore & wanted to be with Miku forever.
So, Rin flew back to Heaven & came before the Punisher & begged for release...

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