~~~Cirque Du Freak-The Amazing Cat Girl~~~

The flower that blooms in adversy is the most rare and beautiful of all

Chapter 1

Chapter One-Meet the freak

Just to let you know,I'm a freak.
No,I am not one of those 'freaks' that you see everyday,like those lables like goth or emo,but a real freak.I have a black cat tail and black cat ears.I know fraeky right?It was always this way though,ever since I was born.Now when I was born,I looked like a normal,plump baby,6 poounds 14 ounces and all that but when the doctors washed me off something strange happened.I opened my eyes,surprissed ya know,and out popped my cat ears and tail.Mother paid loads for word to not get out.
She calls me El Diablo,the devil.Even though she hates me for not being the blond haired blue eyes beauty like my older sister,she still helped me out.Worst thing about it was any extream emotion could cause them to pop out.Once when I was in the first grade,my younger brother put a small garden snake in my cereal,and my being deathly afraid of snakes,I jumped up and guess what,out came the tail n' ears.
But my mother found a way to help out with my problem.She got a hat.Yep,a hat.i had to carry it around with me everywhere,just in case ya know?
But even though i was marked weird,I had at least made two best friends.
Darren Shan and Steve Leonard.
"Darren,were you okay?"I asked as he and Steve walked out of the boy's bathroom.Darren smiled a bit,"Yea,just a little nausiated."Steve rolled his eyes.
"Sure you were,"Steve stated.Darren 'whatever'd and I followed them onto the feild,well not a field but a long stretch of grass with painted goalposts at either end.We all hurried and Darren yelled,"Never fear,Hotshot Shan is here!"As he ran down to Alan Morris and Tommy Jones.Alan then held up a soggy piece of paper around.
"What is that?"I asked with curiosity.
"Whats it look like babe,its a sheet of paper"Steve said with a mischevious smile.I stuck my tounge out at him and out of the corner of my eye I saw Darren glare at Steve.
"It's-,"Alan began,but stopped when Mr. Dalton screamed at us to get inside.
Steve yelled back,"We're coming Mr. Dalton!"Steve was Mr.Dalton's faveorite.He was special,not like special ed but sometimes hes brilliant but sometimes he couldn't even spell his own name!
Even though he was Mr. Dalton's favorite ,Mr. Dalton didn't tolerate anyone being late.
I was still with the same teacher-and friends,thankfully-after lunch,for history.We we're studying WWII,me and Darren weren't really excited about it but Steve was uber excited.Anything about killing and war,Steve was your guy.He even said he wanted to be a soldier of fortune(one that fights for money).Hmp,I could see him becoming that.
And of course,afterhistory we had math.Unfortunitly we had Mr. Dalton again.Yea,yea,Steve was his favorite but guess who was his least favorite?If you guessed me then you won,ding,ding,ding!It was the first time anyone had have Mr. Dalton for math,so of course Steve was showing him the ropes.When Steve came to sit down by me I muttered,"Bit of a showoff,Steve?"
"You bet babe."He replied with a wink.I just rolled my eyes and whatever'd.Something inside me made me remember that papper that Alan had.
"Psst,Alan."I throw at papper-wad at him softly and he turned around and mouthed 'what'.
"Let me see the papper,"I asked nicely"Please."He shook his head and said"Darren has it."I looked over at Darren,who was completly digested in the papper.
"Steve,would you like to come and solve the problem."Mr. Dalton asked.Steve-of course-said yes and went up to solve the hard problem.
"Cirque Du Freak,"Darren said quite loud.I scooted over into Steve's seat to take a glance at the paper.
Cirque Du Freak
For one week only- Cirque Du Freak!!
Sive and Seersa-The twisting Twins!
That was all that I had to take a glance at before Mr. Dalton came over to Darren's desk.Oh god,please don't let him get into trouble.
Mr. Dalton angerly snapped at Darren and said"What is this?"Darren looked like a deer caught in the headlights!Well can't blame him,I would too.Hell,even I was scared right now,for him of course.
Uh no,I felt something graze my legs(I was wearing a skirt-school regulations)Oh crap!If my tail was out,then my ears must be out too.I whipped my hat out of my bag and slapped it on.
"It's an advertisment,sir."Darren said sheepishly.
"Where'd you get it?"Mr. Dalton asked.Mr. Dalton had never looked so pissed!His hands were shaking."Where'd you get it?!"He asked again,but louder.
I knew Darren,he wasn't going to rat out Alan.Just as I was about to take the fall,Steve spoke up.
"It's mine,sir,"
"Yours?"Mr. Dalton asked with his inside voice.
"Found it at the bus stop,sit,"Steve started."Some old guy throw it away,I thought it looked interesting so I picked it up.I was gonna ask you about it later,like the end of class."Mr. Dalto blinked,"Oh,that's okay.Nothing wrong with an inquisitive mind,Steve,please sit down."Steve came back down the row of desks,so I slid back in my seat.
"Thanks for keeping it warm,doll."He whispered in my ear.I gave him a cold glance.
"Long ago,"Mr. Dalton tapped the flyer,"there used to be real freak shows.Greedy con men who put malformed people in cages and-"
"What does malformed mean?"A girl from the front row asked.
"People who don't look ordinary,like say people born with three arms,two noses,a tail,"I shivered.Steve glanced over with a weird look,then back at Mr. Dalton.
"somebody with no legs;somebody very tall or small.These con men put these poor people-who aren't diffrent from you or me- into cages-like I said-and displayed them as freaks.They charged the public to come and tease them.They treated these so-called freaks like animals.Paid little,beat them,dressed them in rags,never allowing them to wash."
"Thats cruel,"Said Delaine Price-someone near the front.
"Yes,"He agreed."Freak shows were cruel,monsterous creations,thats why I got angry when I saw this."He tore down the flyer."They were banned years ago,but people still hear rumors that they're still going strong."
"Are freak shows real?"Darren asked,ingaged in the dialog of the classroom.
"I doubt it,probbably just some cruel hoax.Still,"he added,"if it was real.i hope nobody here would dream of going."
"Oh no sir!"The whole class exclaimed.
"Because freak shows are terrible,"He said."They pretended to be proper circuses but they were cesspits of evil,and anybody who even went to watch one would be as cruel as the people running it."
Something out of the corner of my eye made me look at Steve.He had torn a sheet of papper from out of his binder and wrote something down.
We're going!!!!!!!:P
Then he said outloud,"You'd have to be really twisted to want to go see one of those,"His words twisted inside of me.Then something back to what Mr. Dalton said
"What does malformed mean?"A girl from the front row asked.
"People who don't look ordinary,like say people born with three arms,two noses,a tail,"
With a tail,and ears!
"Did you get the flyer?"I asked Steve and Darren as they walked out of the classroom to join me in the hallway.
"Sure did,said I wanted it for my bedroom wall.He wasn't gunna give it to me,but me,being his favorite and all,he changed his mind.
The last bell rang and Steve ran up way ahead."See you guys at the field!"Me and Darren said bye and we continued to walk to out lockers(we had lockers next to each other).
"So do you think we could go?"I asked Darren while opening my locker.He shrugged."I don't know,but if we do,I want to see the spider,Madame Octa!"He said with pure enjoyment.you see,Darren had a thing for spiders,like Steve had a thing for vampires and killing,and how I had for animals(all but snakes!).
"You and your spiders,Darren."I said with a smile on my face.I closed my locker and leaned against it,waiting for Darren."And your a slow-poke."
"Whatever,Aria Kiba!I could beat you in a heartbeat!"I shoved him playfully,"Whatever,Darren Shan!You know that I could beat you!"
of course, I could.My cat senses and all,cats are very agile.
"C'mon,Aria,lets go meet Steve."Darren shut his locker and we headed out into the sunshine of the afternoon.
"Wait!"I yelled at Darren,he stopped and turned around."What?"He asked.
"I have to change.I don't want to play soccer in my school outfit!"He nodded and leaned agasint the wall.I ran towards the bathroom and into a stall.
Stripping off my itchy school clothes and puting on comfterable,low-ridin' hip huggers and a yellow tank top and the lime green converse,I felt good again.I put my other clothes back into the bag and headed for the field.
To my suprise,Darren actually waited for me.I ran into him.
He was almost a head taller than me,so I had to look up at him.I looked back down with a blush,and said.
"Clumsy me,egh?"He laughed and helped me up,we let go at the same time.He looked away but not before I saw a blush rise to his face too,and calling on that I just picked a random hat out of my bag(which was a regular baseball cap)and shoved it onto my head.
Darren looked back at me,still blushing but that went down,and said,"What's it with you and hats?"
I stood with my mouth open for a second.I shut it.Should I tell him.I mean,we we're closer than he was with Steve,he met me at a few months old,and he met Steve when they were in kindergarden.Heck,we even bathed together when we were little.He told me everything,so thats when I knew what I had to do.
Grabbing him by his hand I dragged him back into the school,and into the girl's room.
"Ah,what are we doing in here?!"I covered his mouth.
"Don't you think it would be strange to hear a guy's voice coming from the girl's bathroom?"I asked,I toolk my hand off.
"No,I would think-no wait I do think its strange that a boy would be in the girl's bathrooms."I laughed a bit and took off my hat.
I heard a gasp.
"D-dude!you have..You have-"
"I have cat ears and a cat tail.I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before,Darren."
"So,your like a freak?He asked,nicely of course.Normaly,from someone else had said that,I would have smacked them silly,but this was Darren.
"Yep.Freak of the town."I said with a smile.
I noticed him looking at the cat ears.
"You...Y-you can touch them,if you want."I felt another blush rising to the surface.Darren walked closer and felt them.
"Soft and velvety,like a real cat."He smiled.Thats when I noticed how close we we're right now,like I could fell his body warmth close.
My blush was wild like crazy.I looked down,my tail twiching like crazy.Like out of an old,romantic movie,Darren lifed my head up and I looked him square in the eyes(A/N:Okay I really don't know what he looks like,so I'm going from the movie,Blue eyes and brown hair right?Oh well it is now.Sorries:P),his blue eyes.
He was blushing like crazy too,and as we were just about to kiss,we heard a familure voice.
"Darrrrrrrrrren,Arrrrrrria.you guys still here?"Steve yelled into the corridors.I put my cap back on my head and put a light jacket on.
"Well,we um,better go."I said to Darren.
A tomato-colored Darren only replied in a nood and we walked out of the bathrooom.
Steve wasn't in the hall anymore,but we still ran to the field.
When we got there,Tommy,Alan,and Steve were waiting.
Steve had out the flyer.
"I bet its fake."Darren said.
"Why would you think that?"I asked."They don't allow freak shows anymore,Mr. Dalton said so."
"Its not a fake!"Alan said."Oh yeah,then where did you get it from?"Tommy asked.
"I stole it,"Alan said looking at all of us,"From my big brother."
All of our eyes widened.
"Dude,you stole from Tony?!"I gasped out.
"Have you got a death wish?"Asked Darren.
Then Alan explained how Tony won't know that it was him."Smart,good job Alan."Steve said.
"Yea,but where did Tony get it from?"Tommy asked.
"I don't know,one of the circus preformers,the-"Alan looked down at the flyer.
"Mr. Crepsley"
"The one with the spider?"I asked.
"Yeah,"Alan answered"only he didn't have the spider.Tony only told me because he was in high spirits-the way he is when hes drunk-he couldn't keep his mouth shut."
"How much are the tickets?"Steve asked,looking back at the flyer."Twenty three dollars each,"Alan said.
"Twenty three dollars-EACH?!"We all yelled.
"I wouldn't pay twenty three dollars to see a bunch of freaks."Steve mummbled.
"I would,"Darren said glancing at me.(A/N:They were in a circle,Alan was next to Tommy,who was next to Steve,who was next to Darren,and Darren was really close to Aria)Steve glanced at Darren coldly and then back at the flyer.
"Me,too,"Alan agreed.
"Me,three"Tommy replyed
"Yeah,but we don't have twenty-three bucks to use."Steve grummbled.
"I'd love to go,'sounds great."Tommy said sadly.Tommy took the flyer and looked over it sadly.
"Hey,are we even sure that we don't have enough?"Darren asked looking around,at all of us.
"Maybe they do discounts for children?"Ha added.
Alan mummbled about how they might not even premit cgildren to go in,but he tookout his money anyway.
"Eighteen dollars exactly,"Steve said.
"I have ten dollars and fourt cents,"Tommy added on.
"And I have twelve dollars and thirty cents,"Darren said.
"Thats more than fourty-nine dollars,just with this,what about you Aria?"Darren(and everybody else)looked over at me.I reached into my pocket,grabbed out the money and started counting.
"Twenety dollars exactlly,makes that sixtynine dollars."I said.
"But the tickets are almost sold out,the first show was yesterday.It finishes on Tuesday,which means we would have to go either tomorrow or Saturday,"
"Well so much for that,"Darren said.
"Maybe not,"Steve said."My mom keeps a wad of money in a jar at home.I could borrow some and put it back when we get our allowance-"
"You mean steal?"Darren asked.
"I mean borrow,"Steve snapped."It's only stealing if you don't put it back.What do ya' say?"
"Good,but how would we get the tickets?"Tommy asked.
"It's a school night .We wouldn't be let out."
"I can speak out,I'll go buy them."
"But 'Dalton snipped off the address,how would you know where to go?"I asked.
"Don't worry babe,I memorized it."He winked."Now,are we gonna stand here all night making up excusses,or are we gonna go for it?"

"I'm in!"I said.Steve grinned."Anyone else,or is it the only girl here gas enough balls to go for it?"Steve joked.
One-by-one they all said they were in.
Steve then said to go home,get money and come back with it."What if you can't borrow the money?"Darren asked.
Steve shrugged,"Then the deal's off,but we wont know unless we try!Now hurry,maggots!!"Steve then sprinted away,then we all jogged off.
"So,do you think Steve can get the money?"Darren asked,as we walked down his street.(We live right next door to each other)
"Hope so,I really want to go."
"Yeah,I want to see Madame Octa!"Darren said excitedly.
I rolled my green eyes,and said"Whats with you and spiders?"Darren shrugged.
"Spiders are awesome!I mean,I get your snake fear and all,but spiders really rule this planet!"He started jogging backwards,so we would be face-to-face.
"By the way,you never told me why your scared of snakes.You told me your deepest-darkes-secret,but not why your afriad of snakes.Care to share?"
I stopped."Come with me Darren,"And motioned him to my tree house.
We could barely fit in the treehouse!We made this thing back in the fourth grade,me,Darren,and Steve,but now everything in there was two times too small.
I sat Darren down on a small cot(one that we all used to sleep on when we were younger)
"You took me here,so we could talk about your fear of snakes?"I shook my head.
"I have some money stashed up here too,I was gonna get it,but I guess I could tell you my snake story."I turned to sit down on the bean-bag chair.Beads were slowly falling out and the blue shade of it was turning grey.
"When I was around two,my mom took me to the zoo,"I streched my legs out and relaxed."And she grabbed my hat and made me wear a jacket in 100 degree weather,which wasn't a smart choice for a toddler.She took me,my sister(Caroline)and my brother(Sean)-"
"Are they normal?"Darren asked.
I nodded."Well,I think my sister is the spawn of the devil,but I'm not that mean,anyways we got to the zoo.Oh I remember how beautiful it was.It was in early summer,it was really hot too,"I heard a small pebble hit the window."Hold on,"I stood up and went to the window,and opened it.I heard the small breezes of the upcoming night,and a few howls from neighborhood dogs,but that was about it.
I felt a presence hear me,which of course was Darren.
"What are you looking at?"He asked,leaning closer to the window.
"Thought I heard something.."I leaned in closer to the window.I swear I heard something!The sun was setting,it was really pretty,pink,purple,orange,and this time there was even some blue.It was magnifisent(sp)
"Hey,Darren,"I said.Darren looked down at me and said,"What?"
"Look at the sky,"Was all I said.Darren looked up and smiled.
"Its very pretty,just like y-"
"Darren!Your mother want's you inside!"Yelled my mother.
I laughed.
"Still have a bedtime,Darren?""Whatever,see you tomorrow."Darren moved away from the window,and to the rope that lead down to the ground.I followed him down,and saw him off to his house.
I walked to my red house,and opened the back door.
"Where have you been?!"My older sister yelled at me.
"I was in the treehouse with Darren,gosh why do you care?"I said angrly.
"With Darren? You were in the treehouse with a boy?"Caroline screamed at me again.
"Darren is just a friend!And why the hell do you care what I do,you hate me!"I screamed at her.I started walking to my small room(the attic)
I heard my blond haired,blue eyed older sister scream at me again,but I ignored it.
My room was kinda small,my bed was near the small round window.I had a big black desk,that belonged to my father,James.
My room was painted in a bunch of colors,blue,green,yellow,black,red,pink,purple,grey,the whole rainbow!My small bookshelf was near the door,along with a panda chair to sit in.My cat,Miwsher(he was a orange tabby)was sitting on my bed.
"Oh Miwsher,sometimes I think your the only one that can accept me,"I snuggled up with my cat.(lame right?)
"I'm the only freak here,maybe that freak show is just a hoax,maybe I'm the only freak in the world."I hugged Miwsher closer.He started purring and I put him down.I hope Steve got the tickets.

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