~~~Cirque Du Freak-The Amazing Cat Girl~~~

The flower that blooms in adversy is the most rare and beautiful of all

Chapter 2

Chapter Two-Weirdness

The next morning,me,Darren,Alan,and Tommy waited for Steve.

"I bet he didn't get the tickets,so thats why hes not showing up."Tommy said.

"Steve's not like that."Me and Darren said at the same time.I leaned against the red brick wall,waiting for everything to start.It was still dark outside,which made me even sleepier.Maybe I need a cat-nap.
"I sure hope he brings the flyer back,I want to hang it on my wall."Alan said.Tommy gave him a little shove.

"Stupid,"Tommy said."You can't hang it up on your wall,Tony would see it."

"Oh,yea,right."Alan said.

Darren had a horrible morning.We had geography first,and him being like Albert Enstine in this class,he had actually gotten something wrong.When he got the fifth question wrong,Mrs. Quinn asked,"Had a late night,Darren?"

"No, Mrs. Quinn."Darren said,tiredly.

"I think you did,you have more bags under your eyes than bags at the supermarket."Everybody laughed at that,even Darren.Mrs. Quinn rarely cracked a joke.
Geography dragged on and on and on,but a few minutes before lunch,Steve's mother came in and talked to the teacher.
Steve strode down through the isles and to his seat.Darren whispered something angerly at Steve,Steve shrugged and said something in reply.

"Thats enough,Darren." Mrs. Quinn said.He shut up instatly.

We almost smoothered Steve at break.

"Okay,guys I got good news,exciting news,and bad news,"He looked around-at all of us."Which do you wanna hear first.

"Exciting news!"Darren and Tommy said.

Steve lured us to one side of the yard,made sure no one was watching,and then told us."I got the money,went where the address told me and at the ticket booth,guess who was there?"
"Who?"We asked.
"Mr.Dalton!"He said."He was there with a few policemen,they were dragging some short guy off,but he dissapeared!Smoke covered everyone!When it cleared,they checked and the small guy was gone!"

"So you didn't get the tickets?"I asked.
"Wait babe,telling a story.Anyways I turned to leave,the guy was behind me!He was tiny,dressed in a long cloak that covered him from head to toe.He saw the flyer,took it and held out the tickets.I handed the money over an-"
"We got them!"Everybody but me yelled.
"Yes,"He beamed.Then his face fell."But there was a catch.I told you there was bad news,remember?"

"Whats the news?"I asked."He only sold me three,"Steve said."I had the money for five,but he wouldn't take it .He didn't say anything,just tapped on the flyer that said 'some restrictions' then he handed me a card that said the Cirque Du Freak only sold three tickets per flyer.I offered him everything,but he still wouldn't take it."

"He only sold you three tickets?"Tommy said with a sad look on his face.

"But that means....,"Alan began.
"....Only three of us can go,"Steve finished.He looked at all of us then said,"Two of us will have to stay home."

It was Friday afternoon,the end of the school week,start of the weekend,Cirque Du Freak's tomorrow.Everyone hurried home,all but us.

"It's not fair!"Alan moaned,kicking a rock.I sat down on the grass,watching to see what would happen.
"Who ever heard of a circus only letting you buy three tickets??Its so stupid!"Alan kicked the rock again,but harder.

We all agreed with him,it wasn't fair."It may be stupid and unfair,but life isn't fair."I sighed.

Finally,Alan asked the question that was on everybody's mind.
"So,who gets the tickets?"

"Steve has to get one,he snuck out and bought them."I said.

Steve smiled and took two tickets out."So who goes with me?"

"I brought the flyer to school,"Alan began.
"Forget that!Steve gets to choose!"Darren said.

"You're his best friend,and he likes Aria,it won't be fair."Tommy yelled.
"If we let him pick,he'll pick you guys.I say we fight for it."

"Fighting won't solve anything,and if we do go I wouldn't want to look bloody for it."I said.

"No way!"Alan said,ignoring me.
"I'm to small!And your dad taught you how to box,it wouldn't be fair!"

"I don't want to fight,and Aria's right."Darren said."Thank you!"I said,greatfuly.

"Lets pick straws for it."Darren then suggested.

"No way,I'm always on a bad luck streak!"I said.

We all argued a bit more,until Steve came up with an idea.

"I got it,"Steve said.He opened his school bag,I couldn't really see what he did next,because I was laying on the ground.
"Here's how it works,"Steve began"I put the tickets in,shut the bag and shake it,you stand side by side and who ever finds the tickets,gets to go."I stood up and wiped the grass off of myself.

"Sounds good to me,"I said.

"All right,no shoving."Alan said.

We all stood side-by-side and waiting for the papers to fall.Steve climbed a tree and let them fall.Alan and Tommy begain grabbing for papers,Darren closed his eyes and cought a sheet of paper.I just stood there,waiting.Waiting for what I don't know but something told me to wait.Thats when the wind came,I sat down.Steve looked at me weirdly,then when I looked at him he winked(A/N:If you havent noticed,he likes her,so yea:/:P)And again I stuck out my tounge.Thats when I saw a piece of paper.It looked like a regular sheet of paper,but I grabbed it anyways.I didn't look at it.
"It's not here!!!!"Tommy yelled.
"I can't find it anywhere!"Alan said

"What's in your hands Darren?"Steve said softly.And if you guessed that Darren cought that ticket then you were right!And your prize?It's to see what happens next.

"No effing way,his eyes were closeed the whole time!"Tommy said angerly.
Steve shrugged."But he still found it."

"At least the other one is here somewhere,"Alan added.Tommy gave Alan a small glance and dove for the pilke of papers.I watched the boys fight for the paper.Well not actually fight,but you get the idea.

Finally Tommy just gave up."Steve,you sure that you had put two tickets in there?"Steve nodded."Of course I did!"

Steve looked down at me from the tree.

"Aria,whats in your hand?"I opened my mouth to answer,but closed it."Oh um,"I started.I looked down at my hand and opened it.

The ticket was shineyish blue and gold.Cirque Du Freak printed in gold letters on the top.

"S-she has the ticket!"Alan yelled.My mouth dropped.

I get to go to Cirque Du Freak!!

The tickets said Saturday,so me and Darren were in my treehouse late Friday night.

"I can't wait to see Madame Octa.I wonder what she looks like,I bet she looks beautiful."Darren let out,looking at the starts.I let out a small giggle.
"Darren,it's a spider,not a woman."

"Same diffrence,"Darren said quietly.
I sat up and turned to him."Darren Shan,is this coming from you of all people?The boy who liked Rebecca Abernathy in the first grade?"His face went pink.I burst out laughing so hard that my side started to hurt.

"I didn't like her,she liked me.Huge diffrence."He said,his cheecks finally turning back to normal.

"You can't fall in love with a spider,Darren."I sid simply after I stoped laughing.I laid back down and stared at the ceiling.
Darren didn't say a word,He turned over to look at me.
It was for a few seconds,though it was kinda weird.I turned over to face him.

"Do I have something on my face,Darren?"He laughed and replied no.I sat up and looked out of the open window.
"The sun is setting again.Gosh,I wish I had my paints,I could paint a masterpiece right now."I heard a few seconds of shifting behind me,but I didn't look back.In fact,all I did was stand up and walk over to a small desk that had crayons on it,I began to work on that masterpiece.

A hot breath hit my neck softly.'Course it was Darren,probably checking out my colorful sheet of paper.Or he was checking out my low cut shirt?:L?Hopefully not.
"And done."I set the final crayon down and held up the paper.

"Pretty."Was the only comment that Darren said.I turned over to him.

"Is something wrong?You're really quiet."Darren just shook his head."Na,just in complete awe right now."

"What do you mean by that?"I asked.
"Well,you're really good at drawing...Painting..All that creative stuff.It's really impressive,all I can do is watch spiders."

"Aw,Darren,you can do much more than that.I remember that you can climb trees faster than me..And I'm a cat!"I laughed as did he.
"Well then if you're a cat then I guess I'm a monkey!"He joked.

"Whatever Shan,you know you would rather be a spider!"

"How did you guys become cats and monkeys?"
I looked behind Darren and saw that Steve intruded into the tree house.
"Just a small joke."I stated sharply.

"Ok well I got some ideas on how to go to the Cirque Du Freak-"And Steve presented his idea,which was kinda cool.

"Well how do I come into this?My mother would never allow me to spend the night at a guy's house."I said.Steve smirked.

"Your mother won't be in town.My mother ran into your's at the supermarket.She's go something to do with work.And so thats where you come in."

We all nodded.

"So it's set."

Me and Steve waited around his room,watching the original Dracula and Frankinstine movies.

"Why would you want to be a vampire,Steve?"I asked.I was casually laying on his floor,reading some of his comic books.
"Babe,I would get to live forever!!"I shook my head.

"In this economy,why would you want to live through another depression?"
He laughed"Look,I could make money killing people!Nobody could stop me-"
"Until they found out you're a vamprie,then either they put you into sunlight or stake through the heart!"I laughed.He eyed me weirdly.
"What?"I asked.
"You're hot when you laugh."He said smirking.I rolled my eyes."Whatever Leopard,whens Darren getting here?"He tensed up at Darren's name.

"Why do you care so much about him?"He screamed.I sat up."Dude,I was just asking when hes gonna get here,dont be such an a**."He did a low growl,I could feel it in the pit of my stomach that I had really just pissed him off,but I was uber glad that Darren had just walked in.

" 'Sup guys?"He said smiling.He looked from me to Steve.
"Am I intruding on something?"
"No,"I said the same time Steve said "Yes!"
"No,hes not."I said after.Darren looked at us oddly but then back to normal.He shut the door and leaned agasint it."You guys ready for Cirque Du Freak?"I smiled."Yea,I wonder if its really real."Steve just looked at me then at Darren."Yea,well we got loads of time before midnight,wanna watch Dracula for the hundreth time?"Steve said jokingly.
Darren agreed and we were all back to watching Dracula.Steve just about knew the movie from the begining to the ending.
Just about halfway through it I pulled out a lollipop and got bored.

"Hate to break it to you guys but its just around 8.Wanna go get something to eat before the show?"I asked hoping that they would agree with me.

"I guess,what about you Steve?"Darren said looking over at Steve who was seated on the bed behind me.
"'Guess.Lets go to McDonalds or something."Steve suggested.I nodded and got up.

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