~~~Cirque Du Freak-The Amazing Cat Girl~~~

The flower that blooms in adversy is the most rare and beautiful of all

Chapter 3

New Things

We stopped at the entrence of McDonalds,waiting for two other kids to get inside.Steve went in first,in a rush.I could tell that he was hungry.Darren opened the door,then let me go under his arm and inside."Thanks,D."He smiled in response.

We both walked up to the back of the line,Steve occasionally checking his wach."Chill,Steve,the show won't start for a long time."He nodded.

The line went up,then Steve placed his order.
"Uh,two McDoubles,all the way.Fried,large.And a drink."The obviously bored adult behind the counter popped her gum."Will that be all?"Steve nodded,then put down some money.

Steve moved out of the way,letting me place my order next."Uh,just the salad,please."

"Is that all?"She asked,pressing stuff on the cash register."Um,and a chocolate milk."
The woman chuckled,then finished the order.She told me the amount,I gave her the exact change and went to the end of the other line with Steve.

"Chocolate milk?What are you,five?"I stuck my tounge out at him(like I always do)"Do I look five?"

He smirked."No babe,you're fully formed,alright."I punched his shoudler."Perv,"

He shrugged."You asked."I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes.
Steve was the perv of the five of us,or most of the time the three of us.Most of the time he was never serious,and when he was it was pretty scary.
When Steve would get to pervy,Darren would step in and change the subject.God,I don't know what I'd do wihtout Darren.

Without him,I'd be vulnerable to the obnoxious perv world of Steve Leonard.What a joy that would be.

"Number 59!59!"I looked down at my reciept(sp)I was number 66.I sighed."Steve,I'mma go pick a seat."He nodded.

I walked away from the line,and went to a booth.I slid into one that was clean,and took my fedora off.
Oh,did I mention that I absolutely loved fedoras?They're like the pimp-daddy-awesome hats of the hat world!(A/N:Me and my best friend Alyssa say that all the time!I LOVE fedoras!)

I leaned back in the booth,looking out of the window.
Darkness had covered the sky,only leaving the moon and some stars as light.

"What are you thinking about?"Darren said,sliding in across from me.I looked over at him,he had already gotten his food."Oh,c'mon!How'd you get your food before me?!I only got a salad!"

Darren shrugged."I was number 67."I pouted a bit."McDonalds hates me,"Darren laughed,then took a bite of his BigMac.

I crossed my arms,then continued to look outside.I watched some people walking,some local teens smoking,and a man.A man...he was looking inside of McDonalds.

I leaned in a bit closer.I couldn't make out anything about him.He...he was looking at me?Or behind me?"Darren,"Darren looked up,swallowing his last bit of his BigMac."Yea?"

"See that guy over there?"I tilted my head a little as if I was pointing to him.Darren looked."Don't look!"

"Then how am I suppost to know if I can't look?"

"Touche,"I muttered.Darren turned over and looked,then he shruged."I didn't see anybody."I looked back over.The man was gone!

"I'm going crazy..."I muttered to myself.Darren shook his head."No,you're not.Maybe you just need some food in you...other than a salad."Darren slid over and got up.
"Do you want an apple pie?"I smiled and nodded."Gosh Darren,you know me so well."Darren shrugged again,then he walked off to the line.

"Here's your salad,"Steve said,placing the bowl in front of me,and my chocolate milk next to that.I smiled up at him."Thanks,Steve."

He smiled down at me.At times,Steve could be a really nice guy,but at other times...he wasn't."Anything for you,babe."I rolled my eyes.
He was so nice until he called me babe.He's liked me since we were in first grade,and he pushed me down the slide.Darren helped me up,and he even hit Steve in the stomach.

My mother said that was only because Steve liked me,but I thought that he hated me.Oh well,guys were some curious creatures.

Even more curious then why I'm the freak I am."Hey Steve..."I said,looking at him in the eyes. He smirked."Yes?"He asked, leaning a little closer.
This was a little uncomfotrable, considering we were sitting right across from each other. Any closer and we could've been kissing.

I smirked as well."Did you know...,"I grabbed his fries."That I wanted your fries."I leaned back and popped a few into my mouth.

Steve just glared, but he didn't try to get them back.I sighed and handed him the rest back."Because I'm nice,"He smiled back like a little two year old.
Teenage boys and their fries, I swear.I opened my chocolate milk, waiting for Darren so we could talk about tonight.

As if on cue, Darren walked up holding a hamburger wrapped in a yellow cover."Is that it?"I asked.

Darren nodded, then slid in next to me. I could've flushed, the booth that we were at only allowed two people per side, and since we were taller, we were practically squished together.

"So, any ideas about what will happen tonight?"I asked, stealing another one of Steve's fries.What? I gave them back, but I wll still take them!

"Do you think the wolf-man at the Crirqe Du Freak is a werewolf?"Darren asked, keeping his tone lowered.Steve took a big bite of his burger and shook his head.
"From what I've read,"He said,"the wolf-men in the freak shows are normally just very hairy guys. Some of them are more like animals then people, and eat live chickens and stuff, but they're not werewolves.

A werewolf would be no god in a show, because it can only turn into a wolf when there's a full moon. Every other night, it would be a normal guy."

It was strange about how much he knew would supernatural creatures. I mean, I knew some stuff, mostly because we read the comics, but also because of Steve.
"Oh,"Darren said, sounding a little dissapointed."What about the snake-boy? Do you--"I slightly flinched a the snake part.
I don't know how I'll be able to do this if there's going to be a snake there. All because of my stupid sister..

"Hey,"Steve laughed, throwing a fry into his mouth."Save the questions for later. The shows long ago were terrible,"Then I added,"The owners used to starve the poor people and keep them locked up in cages and treat them like dirt."Steve nodded.
"I really don't know what this one will be like. They might not even be freaks;they might be people in costumes."

I hated when people used the word freak out randomly. Apparently, a person who wears nothing but black is a freak, even though they might be the nicest person ever.

And a person who isn't originally from the United States are freaks because they've got a diffrent accent.I sighed, putting some of the apple pie into my mouth.
Then I glanced over to the lamp post. That guy was there again!

"Guys, I'm not really hungry. Can we go?" I asked impatiently. I didn't want some creeper to watch me like that.

And besides, it was around nine now and the show was all the way on the other side of town. If we didn't leave soon, we might not be able to take it.


- - -

It was a really long walk,longer than we thought it would take to actually get there. We almost didn't make it on time. We had to run about a mile, which didn't bother me.

I ran track in school(My headband and shorts usually covered my tail and ears if things got embarassing), but I think that it effected the boys the most."Man, you guys run like girls."I said with a huge smile.

"Karma's a bit (c)h,"Steve said, still panting away like a dog."Naghty, naghty word, Steve."Both of them were bent over, their hands on their knees. Steve just glanced up and winked at me.

"Whatever. We've gotta go before they start the show."I helped Darren then went over to Steve, who looked a little angry and started to walk. I quickly remembered the place.

It was an old theater that used to show the classic movies. Steve had told us that it was haunted.

Me being me, I actually went here alone at night to see if it was true. It wasn't. The moon that shined down on us added a spooky effect, but I wasn't the least bit scared.

Unless there were snakes.

"Creepy,"Darren mummbled under his breath."Aw, does the wittle baby want to go home?" Steve asked, mimicing a baby.

"Oh shut up, Steve. It actually is."Then we attived at the door. There was no line, and it looked as if we were the only ones here tonight.

The building was tall and dark and it was covered in jagged grey stones. Lots of the windows were broken, and the door looked like a giant mouth.

"Are you sure that this is the place?"Darren asked."It said so on the tickets."Then he checked."Yep, it is."

"Maybe the police fou-"I poked Darren.

"Oh shut up. Don't get scared. Think of that spider. How much do you want to see her?"I asked.Darren mummbled,"Alot."

"Then shut up and walk in!"I grabbed his hand and opened the door.

- - -

"Why is it so cold?" Darren asked us."It was warm outside,"He continued."Old houses do that. Back when the theater was in business, they didn't have instulation like we do today. It was more like the ones way back in the Roman t-"

"He asked why it was cold. He didn't ask for a history lesson."Steve said, sounding irritated.I just rolled my eyes. This place was creepy. The walls were scratched and scribbled on, and bits of the ceiling were flaky.

"There's a door here,"Steve said and stopped.He pushed the door slightly ajar and it creked loudly, like in those scary movies.

Steve showed absolutely no fear as he stuck his head in.
He said nothing for a few seconds, while his eyes got used to the dark, then he pulled lack slowly."There's stairs up to the balcony."He said, looking back in."Where hte kid fell?"Darren asked.

"Yup."Steve said, looking at us rather boredly."You think we should go up?"Darren asked.I shook my head."It's late and really dark. And you see this place, it could fall in by all of our weight."

"May I help you?"Somebody behind us asked, and we almost jumped out of our skin.My heart was pounding a millon miles an hour.
I adjust my fedora as I looked at Darren and Steve.We all turned around and saw the tallest man that I've ever seen.

He was so tall , his head almost touched the top of the ceiling.He had huge boney hands and eyes that were so dark that they looked like black beads in the middle of his face.

"Isn't it rather late for two boys and a girl like yourselves to be out and about?" he asked. His voice was really deep and craocky as a frog's, but his lips hardly moved. 'Could've made a great ventriliqist.

"We...,"Steve began, but he had to stop to lick his lips. He was afraid."We're here to see the Cirque."I said.Then tall man nodded."Are you?"

The man nodded slowly."Do you have any tickets?"I nodded."Yes,"Steve said,then showed his ticket."Very good,"The man muttered. Other than him being tall, there was an odd quality about him.

He seemed like he knew more than most of his age-however old he was.He glanced at me slightly, in a way which would have made my ears and tail pop out!

He turned to Darren."How about you, Darren?" Do you have a ticket?"My eyes slightly widened. How did he know his name?"Yes."Darren said, reaching into his pockets. But he stopped.
If I knew what he was thinking, it would probably be how the tall man knew his name.The man just smiled. He had black teeth and some were missing, and his tounge was a dirty shade of yellow.


"My name is Mr. Tall,"he said."I own the Cirque Du Freak."

"How did you know my friend's name?"Steve asked, a small hint of bravery in his voice. Mr. Tall just laughed and bent down so he was now eyeball-to-eyeball with Steve."I know lots of things,"He said, almost in a whisper like state.
"I know your names. I know where you live. I know you don't like your mommy or your daddy."Steve blushed a bright shade of red.Mr. Tall them turned to Darren.

Darren took a small step back."I know that you didn't tell your parents you were coming here. And I know how you won your ticket,"Mr. Tall them smiled.
He whispered something into his ears. If I didn't have good hearing, I would've never heard it."I know how you like Aria but you're too afraid to tell her."He pulled back, but was still eyelength with us.

After hearing that, I blushed more than I had in a while. Darren?Like?Me? How is that possible? Well...we almost kissed in the bathroom, but I thought that it was just a spur of the moment thing.

I didn't know that he liked me the way I liked him!Just then, I felt my velvety ears come out, along with my tail. I made my tail hide under my shirt, just until I was calm enough to make it go back in.

Mr. Tall glanced down at me. He came down to my level.He whispered softly into my ear,"I know that you have your tail and ears out.I know that you don't like them term freak because you secretly hate it that you are one and that you are not normal."My eyes widened and I looked down. How the h// does he know this stuff?

"How?"Darren asked. His teeth were shaking.Mr. Tall didn't seem to hear him, but he must have. He apparently knows everything."We must hurry,"He said, begining to walk away.

I thought that he would take big steps, like in Jack and the bean stalk, but he didn't."The show is about to begin. Everyone else is present and seated. You are late, children. You are lucky we didn't start without you."

He turned a corner at the end of the short corridor. He was only two or three steps ahead of us, but when we turned the corner, he was sitting behind a long table covereed with a black cloth that reached down to the floor. He was now a tall red hat and a pair of black gloves.

"Tickets, please."He said. He reached out, took them, then put them in his mouth and chewed."Very well, "he said."You may now go in. We normally don't welcome children, but I can see you are three fine, corageous young adults."

Even though he used an oxymoron of calling us children then young adults, I didn't complain. I just wanted to sit down and enjoy the show."We will make an exception."

He smiled and pointed to the two clue curtains in front of us, drawn across the end of the hall. Steve and Darren gulped. I actually liked the look of this place. Spooky."So we walk straight on?"Steve asked.

"Of course,"said Mr. Tall.

"Isn't there a lady with a flashlight?"Darren asked. I almost laughed out loud, but not without a look from Darren, who now couldn't look me in the eyes."If you want someone to hold your hand, "Mr. Tall started,"you should have brought a babysitter!"

I could tell that made Darren mad. Before he said something stupid, I grabbed his hand and started walking towards the blue curtains.

The curtians felt like spiderwebs. They were just that silky. I wonder what they're made of?"Do you think that it's safe?"Darren asked, looking down at me."I think it's safer to go forward thanbackward,"Steve answered."I don't think Mr. Tall would like it if we turned back."

"How do you think he knew all that stuff about us?"Darren asked. Darren was slightly afraid, I could feel his hands getting colder. Speaking of that, I just now noticed that we were still holding hands. It didn't bother me, and apparently it didn't bother him, either.

"He must be able to read minds."Steve said. Then he glanced at us. His eyes went from me, to Darren, then to our hands. Darren must have noticed, then we both let go.

I could tell that tonight I would have problems with my ears and tail.

"Oh,"Darren said, commenting on Steve's answer."He nearly scared the life outta om."He admitted.I didn't smile, or I would've given it away."What did he whisper in your ear?"I asked.Darren blushed, but shook his hand."Nothing,"

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