~~~Cirque Du Freak-The Amazing Cat Girl~~~

The flower that blooms in adversy is the most rare and beautiful of all

Chapter 5

Chapter 10: Cool!Wait, What?

I didn't know where the noise came from, but I was now scared.I knew that my cat tail and ears wouldn't be going in anytime soon.

The wolf-man soon began to roar and shoved the ladies away from him.I hoped that they were ok, and that nobody was hurt.

Boy, was I wrong.

People ran from their seats and screamed, making the wolf-man more angry and wirey.I wanted to yell at them to shut up, so the ladies out hypnotize hiim again.

Sometimes,I think normal people are quite stupid.

A lady had gotten her arm torn off.She lay there, her halfarm in the air.She gasped, and then a scream came out.

Mr.Tall settled this.Two little people came out and helped her regain her arm.Mr.Tall sewed it back together and told her that in a few days the stiches would fall out.The woman's husband threatened to press charges then.

Mr.Tall settled that as well.

"Do you want to go?"Darren asked us.Me and Steve both shook our heads."Are you crazy?"Steve asked."This is great!You don't want to leave, do you?"

"No!"Darren said.I knew that he was lying, but I let him make it his dicission.I too was slightly scared.

(Sory, skipping to a part)

After the Cirque was done, most people stood up and streched.Lots of others went to go buy stuff, but me,Darren, and Steve stayed put.I looked to both Steve and Darren, who were bright eyed.

"You look like you've seen a ghost,"I commented,streching out my shirt.I turned to where they were looking.People began to scream.

There was a huge snake on the balcony.My doe eyes went wide and I stared at it.Memories of me falling into the snake-pit at the zoo came flushing back to me.The snake crawled over, making it's way over towards us.

I stood still, not wanting it to bite.I was scared as puck, but I didn't want to get hurt.Or have it get hurt.I felt Steve and Darren's hands try to get me away, but they didn't understand.

In that snake-pit, I was bitten twice.Ihad gotten out just in time to get the poison out, but it left me with two bite marks.One was on my calf while the other was on my side.

Then a light blinded the snake.The reptile looked around at the light, and I was also shocked with the next sight.A cute boy, around fiffteen or fourteen, walked out.He was very thin with long yellow- green hair.His eyes were shaped like a snake's; narrow and oddly shaped.

He was dressed in a white robe.The boy made a hissing sound and makes the robe fall to the floow.Almost everybody let out a large gasp.

He was covered in scales!My heart was still pounding from just seeing a snake, so seeing a snake-boy made it pound harder.

I was so in shock that I didn't even see his act."That,my ladies and gentlemen,"Mr.Tall said,"is really the end."


"Well, did you enjoy the show?"Mr.Tall asked us.We all nodded."It was fabulous!"Darren said, holding his,mine, and Steve's gifts.I had gotten a Truska like doll, Rhumas two-bellies, and then some rubber spiders.

"You weren't scared?"He asked.

"Aria was a little from the snake,"Steve muttered, looking a litle off.I shoved him playfully nd Mr.Tall smiled."You three are a tough pair,"we all nodded.

People were already clearing out.Mr.Tall had gone to talk to people that were rows behind us.Me and Darren started to walk off, but Steve said,"Go back by yourselves."

Me and Darren stopped and turned to face Steve.Steve's face had gotten a little paler, but other than that he looked normal."What?"I asked.

"You heard,"Steve muttered, looking at the balcony."Why should we?"Darren asked.

"Because I'm not coming."Steve said, all seriousness in his voice.I'm staying.I don't know how things will turn out, but I have to stay.I'll follow you guys home later.."His voice trailed off and he pulled us forward.We pushed pas the second set of the fine blue curtins nd entered the corridor with the table.

"I'll be back,"I said, pulling away from Steve and Darren.They both looked at me."I dropped my hat."I said, wishing that the light was dimmer.It had fallen off when Stee pulled us out."I'll wait,"Darren said, glancing at Steve.I nodded and walked back in.

I looked around, spending abot ten minutes just looking for my dang fedora.I had spent good,hard-earned money on this hat and I intended to keep it.
I stood up, massaging my cat-ears.They hurt when you keep them bent.I slowly let me tail out, giving it room to strech.

Then a felt somebody tap my shoulder.I turned to face Mr.Tall.I put my hand to my chest."Mr.Tall, you gave me quite a scare."He chuckled, showing his yellow teeth.

"Looking for this?"He asked, putting a black and red fedora in frnot of my face.I smiled and thanked him."Where did you find it?"

"I didn't find it.I took it?"I tilted myhead slightly."Why?"I asked, reaching for the hat.

"I know how much you hate it at your home.I'm offering you a sopt here at Cirque Du Freak."

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