~~~Cirque Du Freak-The Amazing Cat Girl~~~

The flower that blooms in adversy is the most rare and beautiful of all

Chapter 6

Chapter 11: Life Changing Situations

Skipping alot in this chapter

My eyes bulged out of my head.Was he really?That would be awesome!"I-I would love to!"But then thoughts of my friends popped in.And then my cat,Miwsher.The thought of m younger brother came across my mind.

"Are you sure?What about those boys you came with?"I leaned against the dark walls of the corridor, now wondering where Darren and Steve were at the very second.I shook my head."I know Darren likes me, but I think I only see him as a brother.Besides him, Steve would be the only one that I would miss."

Mr.Tall nodded, standing back in his tall form.He took out a card and gave it to me."Call this number when you decide.We won't be in town for another two days or so, but if you call and take the offer, I will tell you our location and send somebody to get you."

I gave him a smile."Thanks,Mr.Tall."


I spent the next few days in my room, pondering on the thoughts that now haunted me in my sleep.If I left, I would leave Steve and Darren.What about my little brother?He was the only one that was actually nice to me, even though he yanks my tail.

Speaking of that, ever since then, I can't get my tail or my ears to go back in.I think that they're stuck like this, even though right now the only emotion that I'm feeling is confusion.

The Monday that school started I saw changes in both Steve and Darren.Darren started to avoid Steve a bit, so I would talk to him after school.

"It's nothing,"he replied as he walked backwards down the road.I shook my head."Blow that smoke up somebody else's butt,Darren.I want the truth."Darren sighed."I'll tell ou at the house."He meant the tree house.

We must've gotten bigger since the last time.The blue bean-bag chair had only a few beans left in it, but I still sat in it, Darren at my feet."Steve asked a vampire to change him."

He sounded so serious that I almost believed him.But then I laughed."Funny, now what's the real reason?"I asked, taking off my hat and putting it on the smll table next to the crayons.

Darren shook his head."I'm serious.And Mr.Crepsley didn't accept; he called Steve's blood evil."

He went on and on about what happened.I wanted to share that Mr.Tall had invited me to come to the Cirque, but I didn't want to.It was like Fate was telling me not to.


"What do you want,Darren?"I asked, rubbing my eyes and adusting the hat that I had to put on."Come!"HE yelled, grabbing my hand and taking me over to his house.I quickly said hi to his mother, his dad, and his sister, Annie.

He brought me up to my room and I was surprised to see Steve sitting there, a bored expression plastard on his face.


My eyes went wide when the spider jumped off of Steve's face and into the cage that she was currently in.Annie screamed, an action that I had yet to do.Darren looked as horrified as I felt.

"Steve!"I yelled, holding his head in my lap.I can't believe that Darren's spider had bitten him!"Get help!"I yelled,making Darren and Annie come out of their dazes.Annie and Darren shut the door, leaving me and Steve alone.

It was so diffrent with a wounded person in your lap.I gently brushed Steve's hair, making him fell safe.Even with the monster of a spider bite on his face.
I was about to cry.That stupid spider,Madame Octa, was deadly.I didn't want my best friend to die!

"Steve, if you can hear me, please don't die.I-I couldn't live without yolur sarcasticness."A tear fell from my face just as Darren and Annie entered with a paramedic.


Since my mother was still out of town and I was at Steve's house, I stayed with him and his mother at the hospital.I comforted her when the doctors started tests on him.I would hold her like a mother would hold a baby; in their arms and silently rubbing their hair.

It was something that my mother never did for me.

"Do you think that he'll be ok?"Mrs. Leonard asked, her eyes a puffy red and nose as well.I nodded."Yes, Mrs. Leonard.He'll get better and be stronger."I promised her.She started crying about her baby again.

About three hours of crying and sleeping later, a nurse and doctor walked out of Steve's room.Mrs.Leonard bolted up and demanded an explaination.

The doctor smiled."Steve's gotten better.We'll keep him under observation for a few days and then he can go home."

"What about school?"I asked, sitting upright in my chair.My tail was hurting.The doctor smiled again at that."He'll be ok to go to school as soon as he gones home.


I didn't know what happened, but I was damn glad.Steve was back to himself; making odd and weird comments.Doing well in school then doing horrible at it.

As Steve changed back,Darren changed.He pretended to be a vampire once; drinking Allan's blood from when he fell.
I thought that it was more of Steve's thing to do, and he seemed really mad.All of this brought back what Darren said about the vampire.

What if...what if Darren was becoming a vampire himself?

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