~~~Cirque Du Freak-The Amazing Cat Girl~~~

The flower that blooms in adversy is the most rare and beautiful of all

Chapter 7

I Make A Call

I walked home from the hospital, since my mother and sister were now home.My brother was placer with our grandmother, who wanted nothing to do with me.I started humming when a voice caught me off guard.

"Very good.Was that the Beatles?"I turned to face a man.He was fat and in a bright purple suit.He had small tuffs of very blond hair on his head."Yuh-yeah."I stuttered.I didn't stutter offten, but this man gave me the willies.

"Girl, please answer me a question."I nodded, wrapping my arms around myself."What is it?"I asked quietly.Like I said, this man didn't have a good vibe coming off of him.

He looked like I was something to eat; like he was thinking of ways of tourtue and other things.When he stepped forward I stepped back."Please tell me what destiny is."

It was a little odd hearing that.I knew what it was, and it was a little odd that mymother made that my middle name."Destiny is like Fate.Destiny is the for the people that don't believe.Destiny happens to people that least expect it.Fate pulls people together."

I didn't know why I said those things, but they just came out in a jumble.The man smiled."Very intriging..."He then pointed to something behind me, making me turn around.

When I turned back, he was gone!

I ran all the way from the street to Darren's house.It was about two miles, so even I was a little flushed.I took off my hat andmassaged my ears.

Then I heard a thump.I looked around, putting my hat back on.I didn't see anything.I shrugged.I walked across Darren's front yard and my heart stopped.

Darren lay on the ground, bones looking broken.Why was God doin this?First Steve, now Darren?I ran over to him, careful not to touch him.I pressed two fingers to his neck,checking for a pulse.

There was none.I called for his parents, making others come outside and seeing what was the problem.Darren's mother cried out and lashed at me."What happened?"Her voice was scary.I had never heard his mother yell before.

"I-I don't know!I wuh-walked home an-and saw him on tuh-the ground!"I was on the verge of tears.


Darren's funeral was depressing.There were so many things that he never did.I was sure that he never had his first kiss.He never went skydiving.He never grew old...the lis goes on..

The one who suffered the most was his family.Their oldest and only boy was now gone; no way to bring him back.His mother was dressed in all black, continuously crying for her baby.

Annie's cried contradicted with her mother's.Annie's were soft and almost inaudible.Darren's father remained motionless, stairing at the casket with his son inside.

I felt bad for their loss.But their loss was my loss.I had lost my best friend, and I could've stopped it.Anger rose in me.If that weird guy had never stopped me, I could've saved him.I was sure of it.

After the funeral, I met with Steve.

Steve looked beyond pissed.His hair was slighlty out of whack and his tie was lightly off-center.I clutched onto him.He held onto me too; one hand on the small of my back and the other making circles at the top.

"Huh-he's guh-gone!"I cried into his shoulder.I felt Steve nood as he swiftly moved from where we were standing and onto his bed.I cried for about ten minutes until I figured that crying got me nowhere.

Steve handed me a tissue."You alright, A?"He asked, his hand on mine.I slowly nodded, but it was a lie.How could I ever recover from this?I was partially one of the main reasons that he was dead.

I could've saved him."No,you're not."Steve said, bringing me into another hug.


I walked home in the pouring rain.Why is it that in the movies, it rains when somebody gets buried?If that happened in real life, it would rain everyday.I wiped my tears as I entered the house.

My sister,Caroline, was sitting at the table, reading Twilight.Just the look of that book gave me nightmares.Vampires didn't sparkle.

"Where've you been?"She asked in her usuall snotty tone.I shook my head no."I asked you a question!"

"Darren's dead, you dipshit!"I yelled in her face.She looked a little taken back.I had never once called her a name, but I was a changed girl."What did you call me?"

"Dipshit!"I yelled again, running up the stairs and into my attic room.I quickly locked it and slid to the floor.I heard my sister yelling at me from downstairs.God, how I hated it here.

There had to be a place where I could belong.A place where I felt safe...

I got up and ran over to my dad's desk.I went through all of the papers that were onit and found it.

It was the cad that Mr.Tall had given me.I took the phone from the nightstand and called him."Hello."It wasn't Mr.Tall's voice."Is Mr.Tall there?"I asked."Of course, hold on a second."

I waited as I leaned against the one window that was in the attic."Hibernius Tall speaking."Hm..that name worked for him.

"It's Aria."I said quietly."So,you're decided to take me up on that offer?"I nodded, even though he couldn't see me do so."Yes sir."I said.

"Good."He gave me the address that was close to their camp, and told me that if I go there then he'll send somebody to get me.

I started to pack my things.I packed all I had; clothes, laptop, chargers, kindal, and my shoes.Oh, and my hats.I couldn't live without them.I also packed around thirty dollars, since that was all the money that I had.

My ears and tail were still a little sore.I massaged my ears, looking for my favorite jeans to wear when I runaway.I slipped them on and found a purple shirt with a penguin on it.Then I slid on some boots and grabbed my cat case.

I put Miwsher in it, even if he kept on meowing.I could slightly understand cats.It was sorta like Harry Potter and snakes.I packed a small bag full of cat food, just for Miwsher.

I made sure that my necklace was on tight, then opened the attic window.Yeah,I was on the third floor(attic)of my house, but I had done this before.

My cat-like reflexes would always let me land on my feet.I jumped, feeling the fast breeze in my hair.It was a good thing that I clutched onto the cat case, or Miwsher would've died.

I stood up, adjusting my hat and backpack.

I ran into the back forest, to the town where Mr.Tall had told me to go to.

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