Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 4

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Chapter 1

Forest in a room

the days flew by and i grew sadder and sadder. Draco seemed to be intentionally ignoring me.i would catch him looking at me with longing and suffering but then when he noticed me staring back he would look away coldly or turn his back on hurt.
harry was pestering me.everything was about Draco.what were his secrets?what was his weakness?but nothing to cheer me questions about my feelings.
Tatiana tried her best.i knew she did.but i just wasn't in the mood.
Hermione even tried to cheer me up.but i was slowly digger myself a deeper hole.and Draco was piling the dirt on top of me.
classes dragged by.and then something changed.


i sat in charms.gryfindor was in class with us and Draco happened to come in and sit next to me.i was to surprised to speak.he slid a note in the pocket of my skirt and stood calmly not even looking at me.
i got all worked up for nothing.he didn't care anymore.but the slight pressure of the note in my skirt gave me hope.
i reached inside the pocket and unfolded the read:

dear Anastasia,
meet me outside the common room at exactly midnight.we need to talk.

my heart jumped.what was he planning to do?i watched his beach blonde hair across the classroom and he turned feeling my gaze.

**********************Draco's P.O.V

her shocking green eyes searched difficult she made it live without her was to suffer.but how could i betray her?i smiled as best as i could and her face lit up.but i could see the trace of doubt that lingered there.i tried to memorize her features.the shocking green of her eyes contrasted with the midnight black shade of her hair.her perfectly curved eyebrows and pale skin.her red lips that were soft when kissing.and those beautiful black waves of hair that curled at the end and turned a purple and blue shade in the sun.
i shivered how could a girl do this to me?i averted my gaze back to the teacher.

************************* Anastasia's P.O.V

i sat in the common room letting time tick away.a book lay half open in my hands.blaise sidled up to me and sat down next to me a little to close for comfort.his minty breath brushed my cheek as he leaned over me reading the name of the book.
"romeo and Juliet"he said.i nodded.he had been more and more around me since Draco's absence towards me."Ive never heard of that before .whats it about?" he asked.
i sighed this story was my favorite of all time and kind of felt personal like i was telling a memory of my life to describe the book but every one has a right to know.
"its about two lovers.romeo fell in love with Juliet and she in turn fell in love with him.but then romeo kills someone and there marriage is disrupted. Juliet's father marries her to Paris.she then takes a poison that will make her look dead for 42 hours so that she may not be married.romeo does not know of this and thinks she is dead.he kills himself out of grief and Juliet wakens to find him dead.then in her grief she kills herself also."i said.blaise pretended to know what i said but i knew he wasn't listening the whole time.he was watching my lips and then his eyes ran down to my thigh. disgusted i stood up knocking him away.
"if you ask me whats a book about id give you the advice to pay attention to what i say"i snapped and turned on my heel leaving the book open.

*****************Draco's P.O.V

i hurried down the stairs and into the common was eleven thirty,to early for Anastasia to be down yet but i just needed too get away from those goons upstairs.blaise walked past me flushed and angry as stepped into the common room.
a book lie open on the chair.i picked it up and looked at the said romeo and never heard of the must've been muggle.but i didn't know anyone in slytherin who would read a muggle book.then maybe Anastasia
i read the first sentence i seen aloud."This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath,May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet."i whispered.
i froze as Anastasia's cool voice sounded behind me."i never thought i would ever hear those words come out of your mouth Draco."i set the book down slowly and turned to her.
the glow from the fire seemed to ignite her.its light bounced off her shiny black waves of hair and cast dancing lances of light across her bright emerald eyes.her lips were set in a cocked up half grin but there was a deep sadness in her eyes that she tried to hide with sheer confidence.
thats the thing i liked about she didn't whine her problems nor did she voice them.but i also liked how i could read her like a book.her expressions and eyes told me everything she wouldn't say aloud.
her eyes clouded when she noticed the way i was looking at her.i frowned."forget it"she said and turned to head to the girls dorm."no wait!you got my note right?"i asked.she turned back to me and nodded."then lets go"i said and grabbed her hand pulling her out the door before she could protest.

******************** Anastasia's P.O.V

the hallway was small and dark.the only window at the end sent broken moonlight scattering all over the stone walls and floor."if you could be anywhere right now where would you be?"Draco whispered in my ear his lips brushing my ear sending fiery shocks through me.
i didn't understand his sudden change in attitude toward me but i took it for granted.i thought of the dark green lush forests in Washington.the dark trees seeming to be lanced with moonlight.there branches seeming to sway to a unearthly chorus of music that danced around the trees at night.
a door appeared before us. Draco grabbed the nob and twisted it."well i was actually going to do the thinking for us but the room seems to have listened to your thoughts."he said smiling and opened it all the way.
he let out a surprised little gasp."i didn't know you were thinking about this and i also didn't know that the room could do THIS."he said gaping in the doorway."theres alot of stuff you dont know Draco but---"my voice cut off as i stepped into the doorway noticing the rooms contents.
it was the forest i had imagined.even the moonlight was there.i gasped."but how can all this fit into this room?"i asked breathlessly. Draco stood there still gaping.
then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the was marvelous.the forest seemed to stretch forever which i didn't quite get.
then Draco pushed me lightly against a tree.his body molding into mine.the touch sent my heart on a crash course. Draco raised his fingers to my neck feeling it run wild.i blushed.
to stop my embarrassment i leaned forward kissing was full of longing and want.his hands roamed down my sides and behind my back.his hand slid under my shirt his hot hands like brands against my coll skin.the sweet,earthy,wild scent of the forest mixed in with Draco's sending me on hyper drive.
between kisses he said"Im sorry for being like that.forgive me?"he pulled away.
i stared up into his eyes.
i didn't see them as steely anymore.they were like a soft blue metal.even though it hurt how he treated me i pushed the memory far away."always"i whispered and leaned forward kissing him again.
he lifted my shirt above my head and my breath caught as the cold air hit my skin.....TBC


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