U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 33

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Chapter 1

Why Do I Feel Unwelcomed?

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Kendall laying across my bed and he had laid my Spider-man blanket across himself but he saved some space next to him for me. I thought that he looked more like a Greek God then he did like a teenage human boy and I feel so happy to have him as a boyfriend. I said getting under the blanket next to him, "You look adorable. I see that you made yourself at home." Kendall said wrapping his arms around me, "Yes, I did. I like your shorts." I said blushing, "You look uncomfortable in your jeans and shirt. I can go steal some clothes from Justin if you want me to." Kendall said, "I don't want you to get into trouble with him so no. I'll just sleep in my shirt and boxers." I said, "I'm probably already in trouble with Justin. You can just sleep in your boxers if you want to, I don't mind." Kendall said blushing, "Okay. If you want me to sleep in my boxers, I will. Your wish is my command." I said giggling, "Okay. Don't think that you have to that just because I asked you to." Kendall said starting to unbelt his belt, "No, I want to." I said as he pulled his pants off and threw them to one side of the room towards my suitcases, "Okay." He took off his shirt and threw it where he threw his pants then I reached over onto the nightstand and grabbed the remote. I turned on the TV and Kendall's TV show, Big Time Rush was playing and I said, "OMG! Your show is on. Lets watch it." Kendall said looking embarrassed, "No. I probably look like an idiot and I don't want you to see that." I said as he tried to reach for the remote, "No. We are watching it despite anything you say." Kendall said as I put the remote more out of his reach, "No. Please don't make me watch this. I hate watching myself act or sing." I said putting on my best puppy dog face, "Please I want to watch it. I've only watched it with Avalon who has a big crush on Logan." Kendall said, "That reminds me. Logan seems to have a thing for Avalon too." I said sliming, "We should get them to go on a date with us." Kendall said, "Okay. I'll try to convince Logan to do it. Do you think Avalon will go for it?" I said, "Yeah, she will. She has had the biggest crush on him since the show first came out. She even calls herself, his wife to random people which is a little creepy I will admit." Kendall said, "If you think that is creepy, you should have heard Logan talk about Avalon after we left you guys. I think he maybe in love with her." I asked, "Does Logan, Carlos or James know where you are?" Kendall said, "No, I should call them. Can you get me my phone out of my pants pocket?" I said unwrapping his arms around me and pulling off the blanket but keeping Kendall covered, "Okay." I made it over to his pants and grabbed his phone out of the back pocket when it started singing, 'Headstrong' by Trapt. I looked at the caller ID and it said that James was calling. I said, "James is calling." Kendall said getting up from the bed, "Here let me answer it." I asked hiding the phone behind my back when he went to grab it, "Why can't I answer it?" Kendall said, "If you answer it, James will never let me live it down and he will tell Logan and Carlos who will give me crap everytime we see you or talk to you." I asked keeping his phone behind me, "That isn't a good reason." I figured that I could run faster then Kendall so I looked towards the door which was still opened to my right. I pretended to hand Kendall his phone but I didn't and ran past him to the door. Kendall yelled running after me, "Cheyenne! Please give me, my phone." I said teasing him, "Come and get it then." Kendall said smiling, "Okay." I ran into the first room that I saw and I looked at the stuff laying on the bed and figured that it was Justin's room. Kendall came running up behind me and I screamed when he grabbed me by my waist. I said, "Crap. You scared me." Kendall said, "Please give me my phone now." I said smiling, "No." Kendall said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder, "Then I'll wrestle you for it." I said as he set me down on the living room couch, "Fine. I don't fight fair." Kendall said, "Neither do I." Kendall and I were wrestling when we fell onto the floor. We ended up in front of the door and I was laughing so hard because Kendall was tickling me. I said in between laughs, "Please. Kendall. Stop. I. Can't. Laugh. No. More." Kendall said, "Not until you give me my phone." I said still laughing, "Not. Going. To. Happen." Kendall said, "Okay then." We were laughing so much that we didn't hear or notice the door open. Until we heard a woman's voice yelled, "What are you guys doing?!?!?!" Kendall and I stopped laughing and said, "Nothing. We were just wrestling." Justin asked, "Why is Kendall almost naked?" I said blushing and looking at Kendall who was as red as a tomato, "He was wearing clothes earlier but he didn't look comfortable so I told him that it would be okay if he slept in just his boxers." Avalon asked, "Kendall was going to stay the night with you?" I said as Kendall helped me up, "Yeah." Pattie said, "Kendall can stay here if he puts on some clothes." I said, "Kendall doesn't have any pajamas here but we can go to his hotel room for some. That is if he wears anything when he is sleeping." Kendall said speaking, "I have some pajamas if you can call basketball shorts that." I said grabbing his hand, "Well let's go get you dressed and go to your hotel room for some pjs." Kendall and I walked to my room and he got dressed and I said, "I'm sorry about Justin. He can be a bit of a jerk sometimes." Kendall said putting on his shirt, "Its fine. It doesn't really bother me that he doesn't like me. I could get use to it. I'm going to have to since you're my girlfriend now." Kendall and I walked out of my room and.......


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