leave me lying here...

leave me lying here...

just a poem that i typed off the top of my head, but it came from my heart. i hope you like it and it doesnt suck.

Chapter 1

my last breath

Sound the wolves
tell them i dont care
let them cry
I cannot go on
tears streaming down your face...
blood covering mine...
i cant give up the fight
but i must
i try and get up
though i cant even try
you still hold me down
you hold me tight
leave me lying here.......
you must go
they will return
and kill all of us
our friends
you must take the others and go
lead them away...
for i must be left here
when you get back home
tell the others
that it is done
we have won
and that we are now at peace
...and so am i...
tell them not to lose their faith
just because i am gone
do not mourn my death
but celebrate my life
for i will always be with you all
you look up at the cloudy sky
and possibly question God
possibly ask him "why now? why tonight?"
its raining tonight
call me crazy
but i think i just barely saw a shooting star through the clouds
"i love you" i whisper to you
"i love you too..." you whisper back
you silently kiss me
gently caressing my head
and softly stroking my partly bloody hair
you hold me
i lay my head on ur chest
my eyes start to close
my friends stand by
with tear filled eyes
watching silently
silently praying for me to be okay
"its my fault...
i got us into this..." i said
crying silently
you put two fingers over my lips
and shush me...
"its not your fault
in fact you were the best fighter" you said
smiling sadly
you hold me tight
and closer
i could feel your heart beating rapidly
you could feel my heartbeat slowing
my life
slowly slipping away...
"promise me you will stay strong.....tonight..."
i barely whisper the words
you shudder a bit
"i will...
i promise......." you say
i barely open my eyes
and look into your tear filled eyes
one second...
two seconds....
i use my very last bit of strength
and wrap my arms around your neck
and i kiss you
a good one
it lasted a few minutes
my friends are still watching
some with small, sad smiles
some with heads bowed
eyes closed
tears falling
"i will always be with you..."
i gently whisper...
tears are still streaming down your face
you just stare at me
your eyes suddenly fill with deep sorrow
with my last breath... i whisper......
i lay my head back on your chest
my eyes finally close
and stay close
you put your hand on my chest
though you already know...
my gentle breathing has stopped
my small heartbeat has stopped...
.....leave me lying here....
you dont even have to look at my eyes
to see that the light has already left them
you gently kiss my forehead
whispering your final goodbyes
"i love you too.....my sweet lover...goodbye..."


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