Break My Heart, I'll Break Your Face, (P8 part 2)

Sorry, for this wait. :/
(we are dogs unleashed! xD)

Chapter 1

Chapter 8, 2/2

Talia ened up buying this outfit:

We gathered our shopping bags, und caught a taxi, driving to the the Tokio Hotel tourbus. When we got there, we each payed him 5 dollars, & for some reason the dumb tourbus door was locked. Talia knocked on the door. Nothing. "Ugh!" I mumbled, banging on the door. I heard a groan, & Bill anwsered the door. "Oh, thought you were fans." "Nein!" I said, walking into the bus.

Saturday evening

I had woken up, few hours ago. But now, had to get dressed for the People Choice Awards. I was nominated, so was Talia, Tokio Hotel may have been for something. I got dressed, & walked back out, strapping my shoes. "Hello, sexy!" I heard Tom say. "Don't even start with me." I said. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." "And your about to be on the other side of the bed, if you don't shush it up, Thomas!" "Your lucky, I can't kick a girl." I smirked, waiting for Talia. She came out, Bill grapsing her arm. "Everyone ready?" Tom asked. We all nodded. They, had called a limo so we walked outside, entering the black hummer-limo. I, luckily got to sit by Georg.

At the award show

We all walked out, walking to the beginging of the red carpet. Cameras were flashing everywhere. When we began walking, I heard the first question asked. The dreaded one. "Hey, Tom & Chloe! What's the status?" I frowned. Tom looked at me, uneasily. " Complicated." He said, & we walked on. "Thanks, for that." I said not looking at him. He shook his head, and we kept on walking, til I got pulled to the side by some E! Reporter. It was, Ana Mart. (Dunno.)

"Chloe, hey!' "Hi, Ana." "So, love the dress. How much was it?" I couldn't remeber, so I guessed. "Around 2,000." "Fair amount. Now, what we all reallly wana know. How are you & Tom?" "Look, your not getting anything big. It's complicated." "Sheesh. Bye then." "Tchus!" i said walking away, to Talia.

"Best Music Video award goes too...." I was in this category, so was Taylor Swift, Tokio Hotel, & Paramore. I was lying back in my seat, I didn't care to win this one. I've alreayd won female vocalist. I actually really wanted the band to win this one. "Good luck, Chloe!" Bill said, smiling. "Trust me, I don't care for this one. Hope you guts win it." He laughed. Then the room went silent. "TOKIO HOTEL." They all stood up, Talia & I hugged them as they walked by. They made their speech, Bill said how he thinks the award should've gone to me. The crowd laughed. They sat back down. & Now the biggest award of the night..

"Enertainer of the year, goes too.........." There were 6 people in this one..
1) Tokio Hotel
2) Chloe Shoft
3) Talia Shoft
4) Taylor Swift
5) Justin Bieber
6) Katy Perry

Everyone was on the edge of their seats. & i mean EVERYONE. "Well, the winner is, uhm.." I heard one fan shout, for them to hurry up. "It appears we have a tie.... Between..."


Sorry, this is short, but I have something planned.

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