Random facts about me:)

Chapter 1

Facts about Alyssa:)

1. I love the color green:)

2. I love you ;)

3. I can write with both hands (kinda..)

4. I love talking to people

5. I don't think people should waste their time trying to please everyone else

6. I love SoBe's

7. I'm always bored..like 24/7

8. My little cousin is NAYSTER so you should add her:)

9. Music is everything to me

10. I'm always doing my nails:)

11. I only wear converse

12. My hair is actually brown

13. I love the people on here

14. I am a British Mexican:)

15. My full name is Alyssa Michelle..you don't need to know the last name:)

16. I think Quibblo is dope

17. Even though I'm 16 i love elmo and yo gabba gabba

18. I kick ass

19. I heart neon stuff

20. Being pretty makes me happy

21. I don't know what else to say

22. I think you should comment.

23. I say byee:)

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