words hurt. please read.


Chapter 1


Hide behind your black makeup
long, dark sleeves to cover the cuts
hide behind your long, dark hair
if you're so hidden
then why do they stare?

'emo' is possibly one of the most degrading labels ever.
there are kids struggling with depression everywhere
we all try to cope in some way or another, a lot of times we turn to darkness on the outside to let out what's on the inside.
there is by no means something wrong with a person who wears dark makeup/clothing, has dark wild hair, listens to heavier music, has an addiction or has struggled with self-harm before, or flat out calls themselves emo.
we all have our flaws and good qualities. it is not for other people to decide the 'whites and the blacks' and the 'grey areas'.
be yourself, but do so in love. be original, but not in a manner that puts others down. if you're made fun of or persecuted, remember you're better than that.
Words are strong. use them carefully.

thanx for reading.


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