No Pain, No Game (A Hunger Games Fan-Fiction)

Hey! This willl be a group story between me and about seven other people! :D No copyright inteded, just doing this for our own amusement. It is in no way sponsored, approved, endorsed by or affiliated with Suzanne Collins :)



Chapter 2

The Reaping of District Twelve

Name : Dariana Nickholson
District : 12 (Mining)
Age : 17
Hair : long firey red straight hair
Eyes: Emerald Green
Strength : Strong
Weapon : Bow and arrow, Dagger
Mentor : Darius (Da-rye-us) Greenhalk
Personality : Shes a strong hearted, independent person. Shes very calm & handles stress well. She has a certain fire to her though, no matter how badly you put her down she'll never give up for anything.
Allie(s): 4, 8, 11,
Other: Shes the second oldest in her family acting as the mother to her three younger siblings since they were Orphaned, a brother Devlin (3), sister Coriola (14), brother Matthaius (15) & has an older brother Darren (19) who acts as the father figure. Has a boyfriend named Garreth.

Everyone! Get up! I hollered as I rushed to place breakfast on the table, Its two hours till the reaping! I turned to my older brother Darren who was feeding little Devlin in his makeshift highchair. Ever since our parents died we havent had much but weve managed to get by. When I was just fifteen I took the role of being a mother to care for my younger siblings & Darren became the head of the house so we wouldnt be taken & separated.
I looked away from the boys to see my other two siblings Matthaius & Coriola coming groggily down the stairs. Well, hurry up! We dont have much time! You have to & eat & dress & then its still a good ten minutes until the square! They grumbled & sat down at the table quickly eating what I had scrapped together for breakfast, roots, stale bread, berries, & a bit of goat cheese I had managed to trade for in town.
I nibbled on a piece of bread with a bit of the soft cheese while they devoured the small meal. I saved two pieces of bread, some cheese, & a few roots & berries for Darren since after the reaping he would head straight to the mines while I took Devlin home & hurried the kids off to school. After they were finished I sent them up to dress before rushing to my own room I shared with Darren & finding one of mothers beautiful dresses. It was sky blue & knee length with a black ribbon around the waist & a small petticoat underneath, I found a pair of worn black shoes my mother wore on many occasions & laid out an outfit for Darren & grabbed one for Devlin as well.
I put my hair in a simple braid which I twisted together & pinned to my head before heading back out to the kitchen with Devlins outfit. Darren had just finished feeding him & quickly handed him off to me before heading into our room to change. I dressed Devlin before making my way up stairs to check on Matthaius & Coriola. I walked into their room & Matthaius was trying to smooth his hair unsuccessfully. I laughed & walked over to him, handing him Devlin before licking my hand & smoothing the stray hairs sticking from his head.
Hey! Get off! Gross! I can take care of myself! he said pushing me off with one hand, I just laughed & took Devlin back before heading over to Coriola. Hey Dari can you do my hair kinda like yours? she asked running her hands through her hair. Sure! Here, take Devlin & Ill do your hair. I said passing Devlin off to her before going to work on her hair. After I was done we all rushed downstairs where Darren stood waiting. Coriola passed Devlin off to him & we were out the door with twenty minutes to the reaping, we were gonna hafta hurry or we were gonna be pushing it. You cant be late for the reaping. We were about halfway there when we ran into my long time boyfriend Garreth. I greeted him with a kiss & we were on our way again.
Once we reached the square I kissed each of my siblings before heading over to my age group. I didnt have many friends since I hardly have time to socialize with three kids to take care of. I stood there alone as the reaping began. Our districts mentor Darius Greenhalk began & announced that this year even though is wasnt a Quarter Quell there would only be one tribute from each district. Hmmm maybe theyve finally begun to feel guilty. I thought as Darius uncovered a single bowl filled with all the boys & girls names in it. I caught my breath as Darius stuck his hand deep in the bowl & pulled out a slip.
Our tribute for this years Hunger Games is Ms. Dariana Nickholson. He said, I froze for a split second before making my way through the crowd & onto the stage. My eyes welled up with tears as I looked at my family crying in the crowd, they knew they couldnt volunteer for me, they couldnt do anything. I took a deep breath & blinked to clear my eyes to look at my family & the place Id called home since the day I came into this world, District twelve would always be my home. I took this last image & thought with me as I placed three fingers to my lips & sent it out to the crowd, I never expected the reaction it would cause. The entire crowd of district twelve returned my love & silently placed their fingers to their lips & sent them out to me. I held a fist to my heart & let a single tear fall as Darius escorted me off the stage.

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