In Love with a wizard - A Harry Potter Love story part 1 (READ INTRO PLZ)

In Love with a wizard - A Harry Potter Love story part 1 (READ INTRO PLZ)

Ok guys. First thing, whenever u see this __ fill in ur name. Now this's my first time actually writing a story so no mean comments please. It's only Harry in these storys
1 Ur in third year
2 Ur friends are Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger (those three are all a year older than u) and Ron's little sis Ginny Weasly.
3 Ur also good friend with Fred and George Weasly (Ron;s older brothers). Ur a good pranker.

Chapter 1

The Begining

by: maltmad
U were so excited. It was the 23rd June u were up ready and waiting by the door at 7:30. Ur best friend, Ginny Weasly, had invited u over to stay at her house, The Burrow, for the rest of the summer. In fact her exact words had been"Rons having his friends over for the summer. I know Hermiones fun but u r not leaving me alone with Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill."
So u were invited. U sat waiting for 2 hours before u heard a pop and behind u a pair of arms grabbed u round the waist, squessing (sp?) ur ribs. When they let go u saw it was Ginny (who had hugged u) and Mr. Weasly. "Well shall we get going then." U nodded picked up ur trunk and ur owl's cage (ur owl is bluish grey and called Artimis) and then held onto Mr.Weasly's arm while u disapperated. U'd dissaperated before but when u got into the garden u stood still until Mr.Weasly had gone and to stumble into a nearby bush to be sick. "Then again," u thought," I haven't been feeling great these last couple of day's so it just might be that. That didn't make u feel any better. Ginny stood beside the bush u were in and then helped u into the kitchen and sat u down because u were feeling weak and had gone a gostly pale colour. U closed ur eyes and the Ginny started speaking to u "___, are u alright. Ur lucky mums out or she'd be completely fussing over u" She slapped a cloth with cold water on it over ur face. "UR fussing over me Ginny. I just need to lie down" U stood up but then everything started spinning and you hit the floor. Then all u saw was blackness. U woke up on a soft bed and when u opened ur eyes u could see Ginny, Hermione, Harry and Ron bending over u. "OMG __ are u alright" Hermione asked. U tried to get up but when u leaned forword ur head really hurt so u thumped back down on the bed. "What happened?" "U fainted. And u got annoyed because u thought I was fussing over u" Suddenly Fred and George burst into the room "We've got it," Fred said "Step aside plz" said George. Then they both saw u were awake. "Oh she's awake" George said "But we could still give it to her, stop any side affects" said Fred "Good idea, open up _" U suspiciously opened ur mouth and they pinged something small and purple into ur mouth. "Swallow that" George siad. U swallowedit but then u had to spit it out cause u were almost sick. Then suddenly Mrs. Weasly burst into the room. She gave u a hug while saying "__ dear, how wonderful to see u " Then she spotted the purple thing in ur hand, snatched it up and turned to Fred and George. "WHAT IS THIS! I TOLD U TO GET RID OF THEM! GIVE THEM TO ME NOW OR I'LL RIP UP UR TICKETS!" Fred and George ran to their room, followed by Mrs. Weasly. "Tickets?" u asked "U don't know?" asked Harry "I'm surprised Ginny hasn't already told u" said Ron "Tell me what?" u asked "Well Charlie...."


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