My Attempt At Mortal Instruments Fan-Fiction

So Mortal Instruments is a great series, pretty complicated. OK? Imagine it with three more characters.
Isabella, Alec, and Max's sis. Angelica.
Jace's twin sister; exactly like him, except a girl. Jade. (Jace and
Clary's twin sister; exactly like her, except she isn't in love with Jace. Marigold.
That might add a bit more drama. Who am I kidding?
This is gonna be completely crazy and hard to follow.
(Rachi, message me as soon as you read this!)

Chapter 1

Character Descriptions

Angelica (Angie) Lightwood
Appearance: Almost exactly like Isabelle, only a bit shorter and with milk chocolate instead of black eyes. Her hair is also much shorter in a sort of strange punk-rock style. It almost always has multi-colored streaks with colors such as anything Avril Lavigne (her favorite artist) would have in her hair. She is covered in Shadowhunter scars, though not as many as Jace or Alec.
Personality/Lifestyle: Angelica (Angie) is a Shadowhunter and lives in the New York Institute. She is rebellious and often dates around to get attention. She isn't picky about species either; some of her more strange relationships include a warlock and a vampire; at the same time. That did not turn out well...She doesn't get along with other girls, who she sees as competition. Oh, except Isabelle. Isabelle is the only one who gets her. Unlike Isabelle, she knows she can't cook, and doesn't try, merely ordering McDonald's every other day. (The other days she gets Chinese.) She steals the money from her brother Alec. Jace helps. Instead of a whip, she uses a knife; made out of the same material as the seraph blades, it is just as deadly. She has her own obsession with fashion, though her style is different than Isabelle's...Isabelle wears short and sexy, Angelica wears an attention-grabbing punk outfit. I'm talking corsets, mini-skirts, tights, heeled boots, skulls, heart-shaped skulls, and anything she can hide a weapon in. She's klutzy, except when demon-fighting.
Family: Alec (older brother), Isabelle (twin sister), Max (younger brother), Jace (adoptive brother), Robert (father), Maryse (mother).
Friends: Family...
Romance Life: We're not getting into this...currently she's single with LOTS of jealous exes.
Weapon of choice? Knife.
Race: Shadowhunters.
Favorite Song: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.

Jade Wayland
Appearance: Fine, wavy, golden-blond hair and amber-gold eyes. She is slim, muscular, and beautiful. If Jace looks like a lion, she looks like a tigeress. She is also covered in the scars of a Shadowhunter.
Personality: Imagine Jace as a girl. You've got it. Cocky, arrogant, funny, sarcastic, and thinks the world revolves around her. She wears black T-shirts with random sayings, black jeans, and black sneakers. She has an unhealthy obsession for small things from Hot Topic-buttons, bracelets, and other things like that. However, her biggest obsession is absolutely anything deadly. Poison, sharp things, especially weapons. She has so much stuff she actually has her own weapon room.
Family: Jace (brother), Lightwoods (adoptive family).
Friends: Her family...
Romance Life: She's dated a lot of boys...hasn't really felt a spark...they all love her, though.
Weapon of choice? There's a weapon? Can I have it? (No...) Why not? (You'll kill something with it.) So? (I sigh, hand Jade the seraph blade and run away while she skips off to kill some demon)
Race: Shadowhunters.
Favorite Song: Smile by Avril Lavigne.

Marigold (Mare) Fray
Appearance: Looks exactly like Jocelyn. Exactly. Much more than Clary does. Does crazy stuff with her hair, such as add colored extensions or wear crazy hats that are neon green and have black antenna-things. (Invader Zim hat from Hot Topic anyone?)
Personality: She's bascially exactly like Clary, except a bit more rebellious. She loves singing and writing as opposed to drawing, though she draws well, too. Kind, sweet, caring, a bit shy, and yet also sarcastic and determined to do anything for the people she cares about. She also tries to help Simon get together with Clary, because she knows about his crush on her sister. She thinks they'd be amazing together.
Family: Jocelyn Fray (mother), Clary Fray (sister).
Friends: Clary and Simon are my best friends. That's it, I don't really like some of the beeps at my school. I mean, some are nice, but just not the type of people I get along with.
Romance Life: There is none. I haven't dated any guys, liked a few, but nothing too dramatic. Not into anyone right now. The closest I have to that is trying to get Simon and Clary together, or at least get Clary to consider Simon. They would be so adorable together!
Weapon of choice? Microphone for singing, pencil for writing.
Race: Human. What else?
Favorite Song: Alice by Avril Lavigne.

Sorry, I really love Avril Lavigne.

This takes place BEFORE City of Bones has started. Right before. In front of Pandemonium! One comment (Rachi, if you don't comment, I'll scream, you're the one who introduced me to this series) for next chapter.


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