Cover Girl

it's probably not that good. . .

tell me in the comments if it's good or not

Chapter 1

Cover Girl

by: torment
you're everything everyone wants to be
but you're not fooling me
'cause i know who you are
you act like a superstar
a drama queen
a wolverine

but do you really know who you are?

you're a Cover Girl
Cover Girl
Cover Girl

your just like them
the ones that make a scene
that's so obscene

but do you ever stop and wonder who you really are?

you're a girl who likes having all of the attention
is that your intention?
you're a girl who needs true friends
but you'd rather have a perfect life and never wanting it to end

on the outside your miss perfect
miss flawless
always having that special effect
you were always such a good actress

'cause your a cover girl
cover girl
cover girl

you'll always be a cover girl


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