Another Potter?

Sisterfic! This is just basically Ariadne( air-ee-ad-nay) and her point if view through the whole series. My other story is still going. I have not decided if this is going to be a romance story. Tell me if you want it to be, and I'll consider it.
Even though it sucks

Chapter 1

I'mma what?!

Ariadne is her father's child.She may look like Lily, but in her mischievous and bright green eyes, you can see her father in her. She's a happy child. She has her moments when she can suddenly get angry or sad,  but she has Lily's sweetness. Believe it or not, Ariadne is polite. She loves making people laugh and feel better. She understands people. She doesn't judge. 

She is Ariadne Potter.

Albus Dumbledore stepped onto the sidewalk and sighed. Before him stood the house that used to be he home of a family. The Potter family. Now, the only remains are burnt to a crisp, and it did not give off a very homey vibe. Albus sighed. A murder took place here, effecting he lives of two one-year-olds. Harry and Ariadne Potter. 

Now Dumbledore needed to find a good home for them; keep them out of the limelight for a while. He did not want them to grow up with an enflamed ego."Are you sure,Albus? You think that it would be wise to separate them at such a young age?"Minerva asked, her worried and tired brown eyes resting on Albus.

"It will be a good choice to keep them separated; just for a little while."Albus replied, his blue eyes looking at Harry's forehead as Harry resided in Minerva's arms."He will bare the mark forever."He muttered. He then looked down. In his own arms was Ariadne, fast asleep under the light of a street lamp. She did not bare the same scar as Harry, but when he spell backfired on Harry and onto Voldemort, small bits of it hit her as well. On her shoulder blade, a scar that looked like a moon was there, darker than her own skin and in splotches. 

"Where will she go? If the boy is going to Lily's sister's house, then where shall Ariadne go? They have no other living relatives."Minerva was right, but wise old Albus thought things through and always had a plan."There is always Sir-""Sirius Black?"Minerva interrupted, "Albus, he is not responsible."Albus nodded."Indeed so. And then there is Remus.""Remus has his... Monthly problems. Maybe, maybe she could stay in an orphanage for the time being?"

Harry then started to move around in Minerva's arms. Albus lowered his head to heck on Ariadne. The small tufts of black hair on her head was in her face. Albus carefully removed them. "She'll go to an orphanage. There she will learn stuff wisely, as will Harry at his aunt's."

Minerva nodded, and then frowned slightly at the ground. Small tears escaped her face before she wiped them off."It is ok to cry,"Minerva nodded."I know a witch in America that could take Ariadne. And when the time comes, I will send someone for her.For Harry,I'll send Hagrid."Minerva sighed."America is a long way away,"Minerva didn't understand why Ariadne had to go all the way to America; didn't a witch or wizard own an orphanage in London?

And so they did. Harry was dropped off on the doorsteps of he Dursley's household. Ariadne was given to Ms. Coldsworth, the lady in charge of the orphanage. 
But this story is told in Ariadne's point of view. Everybody already read Harry's, so now it is time to read it through the eyes of Ariadne Potter. 
I stared at the end of the long hallway, my back bent over like a runner's and my hands gently touching the wooden floorboards beneath me."One... Two... Three!" I bolted up and ran, my sneakers pushing me further and faster. I could feel the wind run through my black hair. I loved his feeling. I stared at that one spot on the wall until it kept getting closer and closer. 

Then I ran into the wall. I know, very graceful of me. I turned to see the face of Will, a red head with a puppy doggish face. He was my best friend, and we shared a room in this orphanage."Beat me again, I see."He was slightly gasping for air, and yet I was in perfect shape.I chuckled. "Looks like someone is out of shape,"Will stuck his tongue out at me."So childish,"I muttered. 

"You two!"I winced slightly. I knew what was coming for us.Me and Will turned, then came face to face with Mrs. Coldsworth, the caretaker here. I gave an innocent smile."Sorry, Mrs. C; me and Will just wanted to have fun while it was raining outside."She put her hands on her hips and sighed. Before she could nag us anymore, Carter flew by us in the hallway with his underwear on his head. Mrs. C quickly went after him. 

I turned back to Will, who was already smiling."You charmer, you. How can you charm people like that?"I shrugged. I was really good at getting away with things. I guess it was because Mrs. C had a soft spot for me. I had been here the longest, and she usually made sure that almost all the children here had a chance to get a good home. Apparently no one wanted a troubled child. 

"I dunno. Oh, so you're saying that I charm you?"I gave him a playful shove as he turned a bright pink. I giggled and shook my head."Aw, I love you too,Will!"I said playfully as I enveloped him in a hug. He laughed, then let go."Ignoring your comments, what do you wanna do for your birthday tomorrow? Throw eggs at passing cars?"I chuckled at his childish pranks."Why waste perfectly good eggs?Besides, I thought that we could chill out tomorrow, anyways."

I couldn't wait for tomorrow. July 31 was my birthday, and if I was lucky there would be a solstice on it. That happened three years ago, so I doubt that it will happen again, but I still enjoyed it. Will shrugged, then started to walk away."Nu-uh! Get back here!" I said, knitting my eyebrows together. Since I won the race, he had to give me the strange rock that he found on he sidewalk. Will reluctantly walked back."Here, just take it as a birthday present."

I looked up at him. His blue eyes didn't give off the feel that he was angry, but there was something else lingering inside them. I grew to know Will ever since he came in at the age of seven. His parents shot each other in a drunken rage, leaving their only kid alone. He wasn't sad about it; they abused him frequently. He didn't get upset easily, so I often knew if he was hiding something. I guessed. 

"Ugh, you toad. You found something better, didn't you?"I asked, putting hands on my hips. Will rolled his eyes."I didn't find anything, honest."I shrugged, then took the stone. It was beautiful. It was the size of a half dollar, and it was a dark purple with grey, blue, and gold flecks going through it. As weird as this sounds, but whenever I hold it, I can hear a slight buzzing and feel warmth from it."I can't believe that we found this near the old horse stables,"Will nodded, then yawned."Well, I think that we'd better go to bed."
I awoke the next day, excitement bringing a smile to my face. I turned to face Will, who was still sleeping on a cot on the other side of the room. I wonder what time it is. Making as little noise as possible, I made my way downstairs and to Mrs. Coldsworth's office. Every year on my birthday she gives me package of sugar cookies and chocolate. Since we didn't get sugary food often, I liked getting them from her. 

I opened the door,then slipped inside quietly. Mrs. C was sitting at her desk, looking down at something. I made a coughing sound. She looked up, and then smiled lightly."Oh, it is you. Ariadne, could you come here for a second?"I nodded, but unsure of what was going to happen. Did she find out that I was the one to set off those fireworks in the toilet? I walked closer to her desk and stopped. In her hands was not my usual present, but a small off-white envelope with a seal on the back. Weird. Most letters did not have seals like that here in Texas. 

"What's that?"I asked, curiosity taking over me. Mrs. C smiled and looked down at me with her wide brown eyes."I was dreading this day... You've been a joy,Ariadne."I was in shock. "Did someone adopt me?" Mrs. C went into thought for a second, then nodded."Sort of,"she handed me the letter."This is yours,"

I looked down at the letter. The seal on it had a big 'H' on it. I quickly ran my fingers under the flap and it came up. I took out the paper, expecting a card or something, but instead it was a letter. I unfolded it and started to read it. 

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)
Dear Ms. Potter,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins September 1. We await your owl no later than July 31. 
Yours sincerely, 
Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress

I stopped reading."Is this a joke?"I ask, my eyes rereading the paper over and over."No, I'm afraid not. Ariadne, you're a witch. A real, full- fledged witch."I looked at her. She didn't seem to be lying, and her old, wrinkled face looked happy. I was now jumping with joy."I'm a witch! I'm a witch!" I screamed, doing a little dance that made Mrs. C smile bigger."I've got to tell Will-""Ari, you can't tell anybody. You're leaving today."

My heart stopped.

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