Smoke and Ash

This is a Halo series fanfiction and I have to say, You don't have to play the game to enjoy this story. Please read and comment.

Chapter 1

This is how our story begins

by: M_E_T_A
Date: July 10th, 2608


The woman being called Grandma slowly opened her eyes. She squinted and looked at the blurry figures in front of her. Her three grand kids; Travis, Kiim and Alan sat on the rug in front of her. There cheeks were rosy and their faces smiling. Travis was digging through the older ladies military bag. Alan was peeking over his shoulder. Kiim on the other hand was watching her. Her sparkling eyes staring at the wrinkled old soldier.

The old woman smiled, "Yes, dear?"

Kiim smiled wider, "Can you tell us another story from your military days?"

Travis and Alan looked up. The old woman's military stories always entertained the kids. They saw here as a hero. Fighting along side Spartans and elites against the Flood, the old woman had many stories to tell.

"I already told you all of my stories about the flood," She said, laughing softly, "Retelling them would only bore you kids."

"What about before that?" Kiim asked.

Kiim was the oldest at 15. She was also the old woman's favorite. No matter how old Kiim got, she never stopped loving her grandmothers stories. Travis and Alan were twins at 12. They weren't as interested in their grandmothers stories as Kiim was, which surprised everyone. Boys are usually the ones wanting to here about war. But, Kiim was the one who said she wanted to be just like her Grandma.

"Before fighting the flood?" The old woman thought for a moment. She continued, "well, I guess I could tell you about my trouble with rebels."

Kiim got excited, "rebels?!"

The old woman nodded. She explain, "I had it in with a rebel team known as The Company. They were ran by a mastermind named..." She stopped.

Travis and Alan were now excited.

"Let me just start from the beginning."

To be continued...

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