Mindless love A Roc Royal love story

Hi I'm Sara Smith and my boyfriend is Roc Royal,from mindless behavior let me tell you how we started dating.It's a chaotic path to love

Chapter 1

Life before fame

I was just chilling in my room listening to my mp3 when the phone started ringing,
I didn't budge knowing my mom would get it after an hour i looked at the phone and the thing was still glowing which meant she was still talking I was going to ask what the conversation was about when my mom ran up the stairs screaming.
Me:What happened
Mom:You got discovered
Mom:They found you on youtube and you're going on tour!
Me:With who
Mom:Your favorite group
Mom:Mindless behavior
Mom hugs me and goes to her room trying to calm down.
I couldn't beleive it I was going on tour with the MINDLESS BEHAVIOR I couldn't beleive it.After my mom had calmed down she came to my room and told me I was leaving tomorrow.I screamed and started packing then I picked the cutest outfit I could find to wear tomorrow,so I could look good for my baby Roc.I was so happy I could barely sleep that night.

The next morning I woke up to my mom.
Mom:Hurry up and shower they're going to be here soon
I bolted to my closet got the outfit I picked out for today and ran to the shower.When I was done I walked out and did a double check ,I had everything then I heard a honk.
Mom:They're here
I grabbed my stuff and tried going down the stairs but I had too much stuff and ended up almost falling down the stairs,until I felt arms around me.
???:Let me get that for you.
I looked up and saw Roc Royal yes the Roc Royal,I thought I was going to faint,but I tried to act cool .
Roc:No problem(winks)
When we got all the bags down stairs I couldn't stay cool any more and I started crying because I was so happy so they all came and gave me a hug.

When we finally loaded the tourbus I said bye to my mom and she couldn't let go and neither could I ,but then Keisha the guys manager said we had to go and so we both let go and I got on the bus where I would be living the next 3 months

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