Oh, GOYLE RULES! Love is a Different Story....(HP/Starkidish)

Oh, GOYLE RULES! Love is a Different Story....(HP/Starkidish)

Ok, here's the picture:
This is set at Hogwarts, 4th year (Goblet of Fire).
The main center of the story is Goyle (who you should picture to be exactly like Jim Povolo in AVPM/S, not like in the books or movies. You know, kinda cuter that way).
Other than that, everything is about the same as the books/movies with a little Starkid charm thrown in here or there.
^.^ enjoy!

Chapter 1

From the Library to the Common Room

Be sure to read the intro, so it makes sense!

Goyle quickly slammed the common room door shut as he rushed to get back before the other Slytherins got back from dinner. To bad he was already late.
"Goyle, where in the bloody hell where you?" questioned Draco, who had his feet kicked up up a couch in front of the fire.
Goyle said nothing, as normal, and took a seat next to Crabbe on the opposite couch, hiding his bag of books behind his back.
He wasn't about to tell him, or anyone, that he had been in the library, studying with a Ravenclaw.
"Whatever. We have bigger things to worry about. I don't have a date for the Yule Ball, and I bet you two gorillas don't either," said Malfoy, sitting up.
"Well, actually, I asked Millicent, and, uh, she said yes," admitted Crabbe.
"WHAT!?" shouted Draco, "GOYLE, if you say you have a date too, I am going to hex someone!"
Goyle shook his head. He didn't have a date, but he had someone in mind.

It all started nearly a month ago. Goyle was failing his DADA class, and barely scrapping by in all the other ones. So, he had skipped dinner to go to the library and check out some books that might help him study.
When he walked in, the place seemed completely empty so he wandered throughout the shelves, looking for the books he was after.
It was then he saw her, placing some books back on a shelf a few rows over. She was average height (which was still about a foot shorter than him), had long, dark blonde curly hair, glasses, and wore a Ravenclaw tie.
She headed back to a table, pulling out a quill, parchment, and a book to start on homework. As Goyle watched her, the silence in the library was penetrated by the scratching of quill on parchment.
Goyle headed over to a table near her and got out his things as well, but when he opened his book for DADA, he couldn't read it. The words all were a jumble of letters and made no sense, as they always did.
He groaned and put his head down, then heard the scratching of the girl's quill stop. Her chair scraped as she stood up.
"Do you need help?" rang her voice, which was sweet and soft compared to the lowness of his own. She was standing behind the chair next to him, and he nodded.
"My name's Verity Clark, and you are?" she asked, sitting down.
Goyle cleared his throat, and his low voice rumbled, "Gregory Goyle."
"Well, Gregory, what do you need help with?" she asked.
He nudged her his DADA book, "Ah," she said, pushing it back to him and opening it, "Well, read the assigned chapter before you start on your paper, that way you know where everything you need is at."
He looked from her to back down at the book, and she placed her hands in her lap, waiting for him to start reading to himself.
He tried to focus on each word, but like before, they were just jumbles of nonsense. He squinted his eyes and leaned more over the book, trying ever so hard to understand it.
She noticed his struggle, and her face seemed puzzled as Goyle looked back up at her, "Gregory, read it out loud for me, please."
He looked back down at the book, then at her, then back down again, "I can't."
"Well, surely you know how to read a book. Why can't you?" she asked.
He shook his head, "It's all blurry, I can't understand it.." he muttered lowly.
"Hm..I wonder..I'll be right back," she said, standing up. She headed down one of the aisles, disappearing from Goyle's view.
She came back a few minutes later with a big black book, which she slammed onto the table and pulled open until the found the page she was looking for. Once she found it, she quickly read a few paragraphs, then looked up at Goyle, studying him, then back at the book.
When she looked up again, she asked him, "Gregory, is this the only class you're having trouble with?"
He shook his head.
"All of them?" she asked.
He nodded.
"And you can't read books very well, you have trouble paying attention, and you even cause a little trouble, if I'm correct. Right?" she asked again.
He was stunned she had got him so quickly, and he nodded slowly.
"Well, Gregory, it seems you have a learning/reading disorder. Dyslexia, to be exact," she said, closing the heavy book and placing it farther up on the table.
He cocked his head to the side, wondering what "dyslexia" was.
She seemed to read his mind, replying, "It's a disorder that makes it hard for a person to read and learn, and lots of people are effected by it. Muggles and wizards alike. It's why you're having such a hard time in class."
He looked down, feeling dirty and rotten inside. What would his parents say if they found out?
She pat him on his back, touching him for the first time, "Now, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of people are born with it, but go on to live successful lives."
He looked up at her, "My parents.."
She looked down at his chest, noticing the color of his tie, "Ohhh, Slytherin. Your parents must be the "pure blood dominating" kind."
He nodded.
She smiled, "Well, I have an idea. My brother, he's a first year, has the same thing you have, but Dumbledore aloud him to bring his medicine to school-"
"Huh?" he grunted.
"Yes, they have muggle medicine that works to help it. Wizards, for some reason, can't find a potion to cure it or treat it, but the muggles did. And it works. So, I was thinking we could go to Dumbledore and see if he could get you some without telling your parents," she said, laying out her plan.
"It'll make it go away?" he asked.
She shook her head, kind of solemnly, "No, it'll be something you'll have to take for the rest of your life. And it'll only make it easier by a bit. You'll still need help in classes. I bet they could enroll you in the special-"
"NO! I'm not going to be with those, those, FREAKS." he said, banging his fist on the table, causing Verity to jump.
"Ok, ok. Calm down. I have a preposition for you," she said.
He looked back up at her, "What?"
She smiled hopefully at him, "I can tutor you, if you'd like. But, just to let you know, I'm a mudblood. So I'd understand, what with you being Slytherin, not wanting to-"
"Yes. Please, help me," he said, grabbing her arm.
Verirty nodded, "Ok then, let's get to work on this Defense Against the Dark Arts paper...."

And it was there, in the library, Goyle spent his dinner time with Verity, both munching lightly as she explained potions and spells to him, trying to make the words in the book come to life. As soon as he started taking the medicine Dumbledore provided him, things became clearer and clearer, and Goyle himself slowly changed.
He didn't know why, but when he was around her he wasn't afraid to talk and explain his feelings, or question when he didn't understand something. And she never made him feel stupid, she just explained away, making everything fall into place as kindly as anyone had ever been to him.
Goyle was even was becoming more gentle, what with Verity being so small to him. And so cute...
But then he punched himself when he felt that, "No," he thought to himself, "That's not aloud..."
"But why not?" he'd wonder, unsure of what he felt and what he was expected to feel, which made everything so confusing all over again.

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