Oh, GOYLE RULES! Love is a Different Story....(HP/Starkidish)

Oh, GOYLE RULES! Love is a Different Story....(HP/Starkidish)

Ok, here's the picture:
This is set at Hogwarts, 4th year (Goblet of Fire).
The main center of the story is Goyle (who you should picture to be exactly like Jim Povolo in AVPM/S, not like in the books or movies. You know, kinda cuter that way).
Other than that, everything is about the same as the books/movies with a little Starkid charm thrown in here or there.
^.^ enjoy!

Chapter 2

These Feelings of...?

"Goyle, what are you doing?" asked Draco, waving his arms in front of Goyle's face.
Goyle blinked, then shook his head. Draco seem satisfied, and swaggered back to his chair.
"Ok, back to business. I need a date, and Goyle..we'll figure something out for you. Anyways, back to me. Let's think...," he said, relaxing back into his chair.
It was all silent for a minute, until Draco's face lit up, "Idea! Well, let's make a list of the ugliest, freakiest, and prettiest girls in school. Crabbe, you first," he said.
Crabbe thought for a minute, making primal grunts as his brain was forced to work, "Ugliest would be Moaning Myrtle, freakiest Mrs. Norris, and prettiest would be..uhh..Millicent..," he said, drooling over the thought of the burly girl.
None of them are human..alive, decent human, anyways.. thought Goyle to himself.
"Uhm, good work Crabbe," Draco praised, unimpressed, "Goyle?"
"Uhh.." he muttered. He didn't know about the first two categories, but he was sure Verity fit into the last.
"Well, you tried," said Draco, after Goyle sat for a minute with no reply, "Anyways, none of the girls here are the prettiest, since no one is perfect enough for me. I'll just have to settle. Freakiest is that Lovegood girl, she's a freakin loon. And the ugliest..is that Hermione Granger," he said, and Goyle let himself zone a little, knowing what was coming next. Even an idiot like him could see Draco had a thing for Granger, and did his best to cover it.
"You know, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being horrid and 10 being lovely, I'd rate her..an 8...ok, NOT over a 9.8..there's always room for improvement, like those big buck teeth of hers.." Draco muttered to himself, either not noticing or caring of Crabbe and Goyle were listening.
Draco shook it off, "Uh, back to business. All that happens at this Yule Ball is dancing, drama, and snogging. I could use some of the latter. But the dancing..,"
"Dancing is for stupid girls," said Crabbe.
Draco scowled at him, "And yet you asked one, Crabbe. So what does that make you?"
Crabbe was too slow to come up with a response.
"That's what I thought. Gosh, those pansy girls..pansy. Pansy Parkinson," he smiled to himself.
It was obvious to Goyle, as it was to everyone, that Pansy liked Draco. Though Draco called her a cow constantly, it seemed to be his only option.
"You two apes stay here, I'm going to go and find Pansy. I am such a genius," he said to himself while leaving the common room.
After a minute, Crabbe got up to go to bed, or to eat from the stash under his bed, and Goyle was alone. He began reciting some spells in his head, trying to stay preoccupied, but his thoughts drifted.
He stood up soon after, and decided he'd go back to the library. Cherity had told him that Madam Pince had given her permission to be in the library after hours, and he didn't feel like doing anything else.

When Goyle walked into the library it was darker than normal, but there was still plenty of light to guide him to his study table he shared with Verity. It was there he found her with her head in the pages of a book, her breathing light and soft. She had fallen asleep in the library, reading. Her glasses had fallen to the floor.
Goyle stayed right where he was, and watched her sleep. She seemed so much looser, and less uptight when she slept. Goyle couldn't take his eyes away from her, her face clear without the glasses. Either way, she was still gorgeous.
His mind wandered back to what Draco was doing, asking a girl to the Yule Ball. He had figured he'd go alone, just dreaming about going with Verity. He always thought she'd say no if he asked, though, so he pushed it out of his mind until now.
Now, he wanted her to know how much he was thankful for her, and how much he liked her. Yes, he finally admitted to himself, he liked her. And it didn't matter if she felt the same way or not, as long as she knew.
He was tempted to wake her, but she looked so peaceful her dared not.
The Yule Ball was in three days..he'd get her to talk about it tomorrow. Yes, that's what he'd do. Just to be sure she didn't already have a date.
He smiled to himself as he tiptoed the best he could with his big feet over to her chair, and bent over to retrieve her glasses. He placed them on the table near her hand. As he took his hand away, it brushed hers. He froze as she stirred, but she merely sighed and was still again.
He breathed out a sigh of relief, then looked back down at her again, wondering how he could have never noticed her at school until just this month.
He leaned down, not thinking to stop himself, and kissed the light, curly hair right above her temple. She smiled in her sleep, and his heart stirred as he left the library to go to bed, anxious for their next tutoring session tomorrow.

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