Oh, GOYLE RULES! Love is a Different Story....(HP/Starkidish)

Oh, GOYLE RULES! Love is a Different Story....(HP/Starkidish)

Ok, here's the picture:
This is set at Hogwarts, 4th year (Goblet of Fire).
The main center of the story is Goyle (who you should picture to be exactly like Jim Povolo in AVPM/S, not like in the books or movies. You know, kinda cuter that way).
Other than that, everything is about the same as the books/movies with a little Starkid charm thrown in here or there.
^.^ enjoy!

Chapter 3

Asking out a girl. Who is a nerd.

Goyle stared down at the paper in front of him. Moody had given back the class their papers from last month, the first one Cherity had helped with him. And he passed.
He picked it up, looking down to see not a single correction mark. He glanced over at Crabbe, who had the lowest marks in the room, and then at Malfoy, who had gotten decent marks, but Goyle had done better.
"Now, students," barked Mad-Eye, thumping back to the front of the class, "It's been proven by a student in this class that if you merely APPLY YOURSELF," he shouted, "You can do well in anything you try. Now, open your books, we're going to learn about a counter curse to the jelly-legs jinx."

Goyle felt like he was floating as he walked into the library. He was going to talk to Charity, and show her his paper. It felt kind of childish, but he wanted to show her how smart she had helped him become.
She was there, at their desk, reading her normal book. He took a gulp and headed over. He sat down next to her, and she looked up. "Hey, Gregory. What do we have to work on today?" she asked, marking her page and setting the book down.
"I, uh, got this back..." he stammered, and pulled out the DADA paper.
She took it from him and looked it over, "Gregory, this is amazing! You're showing great progress!"
She stood up and leaned across him and wrapped her arms around him, and for the first time, Goyle was hugged by a girl. He awkwardly wrapped his long arms around her and lightly hugged her back.
She pulled back and smiled, "Well, that's totally awesome, Gregory. So, do you have any other homework we need to work on?" she asked, sitting back down, straightening her glasses.
Truthfully, because the Yule Ball was in two days, and the day of it there would be no classes to prepare the castle for it, all the professors had decided not to assign anything.
"No," he said, deciding not to lie.
"Well, then do you want to turn in early and get some rest? The entire school is going to need it, with that ball coming up," said Verity, handing him back his paper.
"Well, actually, there's something I need to..ask you," he spilled out.
She looked up at him, her cheeks pinker than usual, "Ask away."
"Do you have a, uhm, date for the ball?" he asked, his heart pounding loud enough he swore the enture castle could hear it.
She looked down a little, "No, actually. I haven't really thought about going. I figured I'd just stay up in the common room or down here. Are you going?"
His heart raced more, "Well, there's actually a girl I, uhm, wanted to ask. But I'm not sure what she'll say."
Verity smiled back, her eyes a little bit different, "Well, what's this girl like?"
He looked down, and knew he was blushing, "She's, ah, amazing and..smart..and cute. And nice. And...you."
Her head snapped up, and their eyes met. Her expression was unreadable, but Goyle panicked. He stood up, not even grabbing his bag, and left the library without a response.
Another first happened to Goyle that night. Hot tears formed in his eyes, and he cried.
She didn't like him..he was an idiot for thinking someone as beautiful, as awe worthy, as perfect as her would be interested in someone as stupid as him.
He had found his way a few corridors from the Great Hall, crying into a corner, when a gentle hand grabbed his arm, pulling on his robes the way only a girl could.
"Gregory," was all she said, and he turned his head away slightly, not wanting her to see him cry.
"Gregory, please. Look at me," she said grabbing his elbow and trying to turn him around.
He finally let our a deep breath, and turned. He didn't look at her, only ahead right above her.
"Gregory Goyle. You are a smarter boy than you think. There is nothing that would make anyone be ashamed of you," she said, moving her hand to his tie, which she pulled on to make him look at her.
"I don't care that you're in Slytherin, or that you're pureblooded, or even if you have a learning disorder. If I did, I wouldn't have offered to tutor you in the first place," she said, speaking calmly and gently as though she were explaining how to brew a simple potion.
He sniffed, his tears drying a little with each word she spoke, puffy-red eyes making full contact with the glasses-clad ones.
"I'd love to go to the Yule Ball with you, Gregory Goyle. But that's only if you truly want to bring a mudblooded, Ravenclaw nerd like me with you in front of the entire school.
He looked into her eyes, and hers shined back at him hopefully, like she was willing him to say yes, and he smiled.
"Yes. I want to go to the Yule Ball with you, Charity Clark," he said, smiling and laughing as he lifted her up into a hug, spinning her around.
She squealed happily as she threw her arms around his neck, laughing with him. When he set her down, he fearlessly grabbed her hand, and she squeezed his reassuringly while smiling up at him and smoothed over her robes.
"Well, now that I have you for a date, I suppose I'll have to get myself a dress," she said while they walked around the corridors, not really going anywhere or paying attention to the weird looks they got from the few students that weren't at supper, "And since there's no time to go to Hogsmeade, or money to afford a gown, I guess I'll just have to have one made, won't I?"
Goyle looked down at her and smiled, she was actually acting like a girly girl, and not some book-obsessed nerd. But either way, he still liked her.
They rounded the corner that brought them close to the Ravenclaw tower, and it was there some Ravenclaw's in the same year as them started staring, not able to believe their eyes. There was little Verity Clark, quite and innocent like any Ravenclaw should be, holding hands with Gregory Goyle, who towered over her by at least a foot, and was in SLYTHERIN, and was friends with the meanest kid in school, Draco Malfoy.
Goyle's brain stopped. Verity didn't know about Draco (who picked on little Ravenclaws like her), since she hadn't seem to known him since their tutoring sessions. And as she talked with Loony Lovegood about working together on last minute dresses, he leaned on the wall deeper in thought than he usually was.
Maybe she did know..but didn't care. He doubted that. He finally decided he's just not talk about that, and go to the ball as planned.
Goyle walked Verity up to the Ravenclaw common room door, and she gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek before entering and shutting the door, leaving Goyle blushing red only the way that he could make him.
He smiled all the way back to the library, where he went to pick up his things. When he came back to the Slytherin common room. He shut the door, letting it bang as he walked into the common room.
There was someone sitting in the chair in front of the fire, "Ah, Goyle, glad to see you came back as successful as me."
Goyle froze in place as Draco stood up, a seep scowl on his face, "We need to talk, and you can be assured BOTH our fathers will hear about this."

oooohh, cliff hanger. sorry this took so long, guys. I just really felt critical of the story (someone thumbs downed all the comments, which made me sad). But I hope it will continue to live up to your expectations. You guys are the reason I love doing this! :)

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