To everyone who has a Nintendo DS...

Chapter 1

Go on, tell me I'm stupid

Okay... I had (still have) a working DS when I was like eight, nine or something.

Guess what! I have a problem with germs!

So I cleaned it with alcohol... Then the alcohol bottle dropped on it. BOOM! Soaked DS!

Hey, I was in grade three, you can't blame me for not having common sense back then!

So it's probably been three years. But I was wondering, can it be repaired by someone?

Can it still be fixed? I'm sort of willing to pay.

Okay maybe I'm lying. I'm not willing to pay. I'm not gonna go use my wonderful savings. I'm going to start eating bread for three months again until I earn enough to repair it, if it is -please be- possible.

Can it ever be repaired, or wouldn't it be? Should the alcohol have destroyed the internal thingymabobs? Can I just replace the battery and stuff after some of it is repaired?


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