Everything About You~ A Liam Payne Love Story

Everything About You~ A Liam Payne Love Story

I thought of this ages ago and finally decided to persue it! I really hope you like it! (P.S. The girl character is the girl that won Australia's Next Top Model 2011. For those of you who don't know.)

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
I woke up to a fresh morning. Another photo shoot today. I quickly dressed into trackies and a jumper, given the fact that they will be changing me. I walked down to the emtpy apartment and scoffed down some eggs. My best friend was soon moving in here, I can't wait. After brushing my teeth I drove to the studio.
"Montana!" Eric gasped.
He was my agent. He was kind of snotty but funny and, well gay.
"Hello. Where's the shoot today?" I asked.
"The beach, and I have another suprise for you!" He said quirking an eyebrow.
I looked skeptical before being whisked away by the stylist. It was always the most fun in wardrobe. After an hour or so I was ready. Today was a swim suit shoot, my least favorite. I definatly had a good self-asteam but some things were just uncomfortable.
"Okay sweetie, if you nail this shoot you get my suprise." Eric whispered.
I grinned brightly and ran to the photographer.
"Montana. I want you to just let loose. Play in the water, splash and have fun. This is all about self confidence!" He said in his deep voice.
I nodded briskly and took my place in the water.
"PERFECT! Done!" The photographer called.
I ran out of the icey water and ran to Eric. He wrapped me in a wool towel and took me over to the dressing tent.
"Okay sweets. I have put out an outfit for you. Change and come out, I have big news." He instructed.
I nodded and changed into this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41401499. It was very pretty. I examined it a few times in the mirror before going out to consult Eric. He looked at me approvingly.
"You look wonderful. Now, the suprise." He said.
I sat down on the nearby beach chair and he stood infront of me.
"You, my lovely, are going to audition for a video clip!" He exclaimed.
I jumped up from my chair and danced around crazily.
"Wait! Which artist is it and what song?" I asked.
He narrowed his gaze.
"One Direction, Everything About You." He said simply.
I nodded.
"I've heard of them. Little boy band?" I quizzed.
He nodded.
"Listen to this on the way, get an idea of the song."
He shoved a CD into my hand with five very attractive boys on the front. We cimbed into the car and it took off.
"Which track?" I asked with my finger on the button.
"Ahh... Ten." He replied.
I cicked track ten and the music rang through the car.
"You know I've always got your back girl,
so let me be the one you come runnin' to
runnin' to, ru-ru-runnin'
I see this just matter of fact girl
you just call my name girl I'll be comin' through,
comin' through I'm c-c-comin'!"
I nodded to Eric.
"Nice." I muttered.
The car trip wasn't long but I had replayed the song so many times it stuck in my head. We climbed out of the car and began walking to a huge studio.
"So how did you get this?" I asked.
He shook his head.
"Not me. Someone recommended you and the boys thought you were... er, fitting." He said.
I quirked an eyebrow.
"What did the boys really think I was?" I quizzed.
"Attractive, in mature terms. You have a more private audition." He said.
I rolled my eyes. I knew exactly what the boys thought of me and this was going to be interesting. We walked in and came face to face with an ugly bouncer. I always hated these guys.
"Name." He growled.
"Eric Reed." Eric said.
I was gazing out the door unfocused.
"I meant the girl." He snarled.
I snapped back into the world and turned o the bouncer. He looked shocked.
"Montana Ian." I smiled.
"My apologies Miss Ian, right this way." He stuttered.
He took us passed a bunch of screaming, crying, pathetic girls. I couldn't help but snicker at their attitudes. They must be massive fans. We arrived in a small room with a desk on one side and squashy couches on the other.
"Wait here, the boys will be with you in a jiffy." He said.
I sat next to Eric on the red lounge. We waited patiently. Then an older man followed by three breath-taking boys appeared at the archway.
"Miss Ian! Mr Reed! I am so glad you found the time to drop in." He beamed.
"Nice to meet you." I smiled, shaking his hand.
"I am Nigel Martin-Smith, but you just call me Nigel." He said.
I nodded. I realized the boys hadn't joined us. I peered aroun the chatty Eric and Nigel and saw the gawking at the archway. They were gawking at me. I really hated it when people did that. I may not be ugly but I am a human being and it makes me uncomnfortable. I decided to ignore it, then again they were all very good-looking. I leaned back around to face Nigel.
"Miss Ian, I have seen your portfolio and heard nothing but good feed-back about you. There is no need to try out, would you do us the pleasure of being in the clip?" Nigel asked.
I looked shocked.
"But what about all those girls?" I asked.
He brushed a hand in the air as if to dismiss it.
"We have auditioned all the girl but none have reached your level. It is still fair, we have made sure that we chose the best." He said.
I mused for a moment and saw the boys wait in anticipation.
"I'd love to." I smiled.
The boys behind howled with joy and jumped around. Nigel, Eric and I turned to face them with raised eyebrows. They froze and settled back to normal, embaressed. I giggled.

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