Albus Severus Potter

Albus Severus Potter

Hi well this is the story of Albus's first year at Hogwarts!! I thought it would be cool and easy to do one about him but it turns out hes way to much like Harry so its probably crap but whatevs!!!


Chapter 1

The Train!!

Albus was 11 years old and he was going to Hogwarts for the first time. He leaned out over the edge of the window to allow his mother and father to give him a last minute hug. "Bye!" Albus called as the train began to move. "We'll write soon!" his mother Ginny called back. Albus's little sister Lily was running after the train, waving.
Albus waved back and grinned but she vanished as the train rounded the corner. He walked down the corridor looking for an empty compartment. About halfway down the train he bumped into his cousin Rosie. "Hi!" Albus said breathlessly "So... Umm do you want to sit together?" "Sure!" Rose replied smiling "Its great isn't it? Finnally getting there after hearing James boast about it all summer." "yeah!!" Albus said.

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