The World's End-A 2012 Paranoia Story

I got the idea of this from my brother, who counted down the days until December 21, 2012. And I, pretty much am going paranoid about it.

It is normal for this story to be deleted, for I usually give up on some projects if they don't go well. And this site is my new drafting site, I will post the full edited ones on other sites.

Chapter 1

The World's End

Have you ever heard of what might, or should I say WILL happen on December 21, 2012? If you haven't, I advise you don't continue with this story, it might make you paranoid about it, like me. If you have heard of twenty-twelve, and don't believe in it, then only read on if you have confidence that the world doesn't end on that cursed day. For others who are paranoid, the following will either have no effect on you, or it will make you want to commit suicide. Okay, for those who are still here, the following is from my journal:

Sunday, December 25, 2011:
Today I have decided to start a journal, so I can look back when I'm like, twenty, and see what's happened. Well, here it goes! I have had a wonderful Christmas, I got a lot of games like Skyrim and Halo CEA. But my brother told me something today, he said that there was 360 days until the end of the world. All it took was those words, and I remembered something that has eluded my brain for quite a while. I had a flashback of the movie, 2012. I remembered watching a video showing Nibiru hitting Earth head on. I remembered the screams from numerous videos highlighting the dreaded doom.
From that day on, I stayed away from my brother, to keep him from highlighting the topic again. I too, will try not to keep it out of my mind by not writing in my journal for a couple days.

December 26, 2011
I can't help myself! I have been on the internet, looking up 2012 on Google, Google Images, Youtube, and a lot of other sites! I am addicted to the subject. I also can't stop myself from writing in this journal... Is anything wrong with me?! Am I going paranoid?! I'm panicking so much about next December!! And now it's only 359 days until the end! I'm to young to die!!!

December 27, 2011
I'm in the basement now, with the door locked, ignoring my family's cries for me to get out. They will be the ones to die, not me. Heh heh. I am saying this as I type. How many days now... Oh, 358. I can't wait. Oh yeah, I remembered them. They were scary, they prophecized the future. The nice fiery future. I can't wait to have them again tonight. I can't wait to see Nibiru crashing into Earth, leaving its billions of people dead. They are getting scarier, and satisfying. Those Mayans must have felt down to know that this destructive event was happening in a couple thousand years. The door is cracking, I'll be right back. There, its done. There are blood on my hands and the floor. Heh heh. Well, it's time to have those terrifying wonders again. I'll tell you what it was about tomorrow.

December 28, 2011
Only 357 days left! Last night, I saw the world end, one, twice, thrice, four times! The first time Earth was blown apart by Nibiru. The second time, the world was shattered by monster earthquakes. The third time, every supervolcanoe erupted, blanketing the world with ash and smoke. The fourth time, nothing happened. It was annoying watching life go on... Heh heh. I murdered my friend today. It was fun. I have decided what to do, I am going to commit suicide. I don't want to live through peace if doom doesn't shatter it! I will do it in a bit, just let me kill my dog. Okay, the deed is done. Well I am going to sleep now. I'll be back tomorrow.

December 27, 2011
I awoke with a gun's nuzzle at my forehead. I looked up to see two police officers. I decided to do what I have anticipated for a while. I am done, I have a searing pain in my head and chest. I have blood dripping on the floor. I should be screaming in pain. But I am not, I am smiling. I am getting weaker and weaker, everything is getting dimmer and dimmer. Well, goodbye terrible, peaceful life.


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