Somewhere (A Kiba Love Story)

I got an idea for this story after I heard "Stand In The Rain" by Superchick.

This story was originally named Wherever I'll Be (A Neji Love Story) but I have given up on that. (Sorry if you didn't want me to change it though. I still like Neji but it was kinda hard to write a story for him...)

Character: Rin Takahashi
B-Day: Nov. 23
Appearance: snow white hair with forest green streaks, sky blue eyes

Chapter 1

These Tears Are Shed For No One

by: Luvli_Grl
"She never slows down. She doesn't know why but she knows that when she's all alone, feels like its all coming down..."
I sung those words as I hid in my closet. I knew I was alone, the house was quiet. My mom and two brothers were killed by my dad. I still remember what happened. My mom was killed in front of me, my brothers killed before I got home. I cried, but they were gone. My tears were shed for no one.
I had to go to the Ninja Academy sooner or later. I get my outfit on ~a forest-green t-shirt with a lightning strike on the back, grey cargo pants that stop at my knees, and my blue sandals ~ and walk out of the house. The Academy was down the street and I was already late. I run to the entrance and finally get to the door of the classroom. Today they would be assigning teams. I bust through the door just to see everyone standing there talking.
"What's wrong, Rin?" Ino asks, laughing. She turns around and goes back to talking with her friends. I curse under my breath to my alarm clock for having the wrong time.
"Hey Rin!" Sakura says, running towards me.
"What's up?" I ask.
"The seat next to Sasuake," Sakura whispers," It's empty and the girls are debating who will sit next to him."
"Then, I'll go," I say, walking towards the seat. Everyone stared at me in disbelief. I didn't see what was so special about the seat or Sasuake.
"Is that seat taken?" I say looking at him, my face with no expression.
"Hmph," he says looking at me, then looks away.
"I'm guess not," I reply and sit down. I'm guessing Ino saw, because she was not happy that I decided without her permission to sit next to the "glorious" Sasuake.
"What are you doing?! That's my seat!!!" Ino says, staring at me with a serious face.
"Do find somewhere else. There are plenty of other seats around here," I tell her.
"Ugh! You are so..." she storms off. Sakura sits behind me.
"Awww. I wanted to sit next to Sasuake," she says, a bit disappointed.
"You can sit here. I just made a point that Ino isn't the best here," I said.
"Yay!" she smiles happily. "So, who's team do you think you'll be on -"
"I'm obviously gonna be on Sasuake's team," Ino butts in. "Rin, you'll probably be paired with Choji"
We all look at Choji. He is furiously cramming chips down his mouth so he can eat the other bag in front of him. Ino cracks up laughing. Sakura slaps her upside the head and I sigh.
"Hi Rin," Naruto says walking up.
"Hey! I thought you failed the exam," I looked at him questioning.
"Nope! I got it!" Naruto exclaims, flashing his headband for all to see. He looks over and sees Sasuake sitting beside me.
"You're sitting next to Sasuake..." he looks mad.
"No actually Sakura gonna sit here. I'm just sitting down for now," I tell him, but he's not listening. He squats on the table and stares at Sasuake. I know something bad is gonna happen.
"Get outta Sasuake's face. You can't stare at him like that," Sakura says. A whole bunch of other girls gather, all glaring at Naruto. All except for me and this chick with short, dark-bluish hair.
"You like Sasuake right," Ino asks me. "Get your grey-haired self overhere."
Actually. my hair is an inch past my shoulders and is snow-WHITE and has a forest-green streak in my bangs and down the right side of my head. I have sky-blue eyes that are abnormal in my family, since all of my family has hazel eyes (and I mean all of them).
"No, I don't like him," I tell her. They have overly shocked faces and I look at them.
"Sorry, I didn't see you there," a voice says behind me.I turn around to see Naruto and Sasuake kissing. Seriously...they could've done this outside.
"Ugh!" Naruto exclaims, rubbing his mouth furiously.
"Naruto..." Sakura says, cracking her knuckles.
"No, wait," Naruto says running. This is ridiculous.
"Everyone sit down," Iruka Sensei walks in. I get up and sit two seats in front of Sakura. Sakura sits in my seat and Naruto sits next to her, so many bandages are on him, I can't even count.
"Your teams will be assigned today. You will be..." I stop listening until he gets to Team 7. There should be a limit on how boring a class should be. I sigh.
"Team 7 is Sakura Haruno, Sasuake Uchiha -
"Yes!" Sakura yells, standing up.
- and Naruto Uzamaki," Iruka Sensei finishes.
Sakura flops down on her chair and put her head in her hands while naruto jumps up.
"Yes!" Naruto says.
"No!" Sakura yells at the same time.
"Wait, why does he have to be on my team," Naruto glares at Sasuake.
"Because, Sasuake is the best fighter, Sakura is the smartest, and you are lowest in each points," Iruka Sensei explains.
"Team 8, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi," Iruka Sensei goes on. I start laughing on the inside. She got what she deserved. I listened to the rest of the teams and didn't here my name.
"Is there anyone I didn't call?" Iruka questions. I stand up and look at him.
"Oh, Rin. You are...we have an uneven number. Does anyone want Rin on their team?" Iruka says. Naruto jumps up. "Then, Rin Takahashi, you are a part of Team 7."
We are standing in the classroom. The only team still waiting for their sensei. I'm looking out the window, Sasuake leaning on the desk, Sakura watching his every move, Naruto making a childish prank AGAIN.
", he will open the door and the eraser will fall on his head," Naruto finishes, smiling.
"There's no way he would fall for it," Sasuake says flatly.
"Yeah, Naruto," Sakura says, using emphasis. I walk to the door.
"Where are you going?" Naruto asks.
"If you want to make the trick more efficient," I say, "You ambush him. Hid behind that desk, and the moment he walks in, throw it." I walk back to where Sakura and Sasuake are standing.
"Why'd you tell him that?" Sakura asks.
"One, I know he isn't gonna do it. Two, I want to see what a jonin's reflexes are," I reply.
"Oh," she sighs.
The door opens and our sensei walks through. On cue, the eraser falls on his head.
"What the.." Sasuake murmurs.
"I tried to tell him not to, but he wouldn't listen," Sakura says pleading.
"Haha," Naruto's laughing a little too much.
"Wow," I say. Is this really a jonin? I used my family's special power, Zento. It allows you to read people's minds and use water for whatever reason you want. I heard exactly what his mind said. First Impression on these kids. They are a bunch of idiots.

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