im supposed to love you, a vampire? no way!

Chapter 1

The beginning of the end

The school day was done! And so was the rest of the school year! Summer break had started. "Ha-ha so long suckers!" I yelled to the principle who was chasing me, but with his tub-of-lard fat as$self I knew he couldn't catch me. I raced down the block and all the way home.

When i got home my mom was on the porch her arms crossed over her chest and she was scowling.

"Janice Elizabeth Foster!" My mom yelled. I cringed at how she said my name, I know I was in for it. "What happened at school?"

"Nothing..." I mumbled.

"The principle said differently." She sighed, "Janice now why did you pants the principle and kiss your teacher?"

I looked down at my worn converese. "I just wanted to have some fun on the last day..."

"But by doing something so feebleminded?"

"Well my teacher is cute and the principle is a prick."

"Young lady that's it!" My mom grabbed my arm and dragged me to the car. "You've been acting out to much and I can't take this anymore! This is the last time. I'm sending you over there early!"

"Mom? Where?"


It took a few hours to get to wherever she was taking me. She pulled into a long driveway leading up to a gaint mansion. She parked and then knocked at the large wooden oak door. A guy answered it. He had onyx colored hair with blue-gray eyes, and his lips were full yet narrow. he was quite attractive.

"Why hello Ms. Foster. What are you doing here?" The guys voice was alluring-ly beautiful.

"Hello James. I know I wasn't supposed to come until shes 19 but I don't think I can wait that long."

"Please come in and elaborate."

We went to the house. I kept my head down but could feel his eyes staring at me.

"Have a seat Ms. Foster. Janice?" I looked at him. He knew my name but how? My mom never said mine. "Why don't you go to the game room. Its in the basement down the stairs over there." He pointed to the large staircase that lead down.

It seemed pretty cool. There was a huge plasma tv with a huge selction of video games. I put in Little Big Planet for PS3 and played.

James P.O.V.

"She has been acting out to much. I can't control her and besides that but your parents want her to gt aquainted with you." Janice's mom spoke clearly annoyed and desperate for a way to get rid of her daughter.

"Oh i see well, yes I discussed this with my parents. Her room is set im sure she'll like it."

"Ok so she's going to stay here right?" Her asked relief filling her voice.I found it hard to believe that she would want to get rid of such a beauty.

"Yeah." James responeded.

"Good. Should we let her know?"


"The arranged marriage?"

"Give it time. I'll tell her when the time is might scare her now, lets she if we can grow close"

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you going to wait to tell her your a Vampire?"

I nodded. "__!" I called. Her mom looked resentful now but she had to go through with this and she knew it.

Janice's P.O.V

I came up the stairs. "Yes?" I asked.

"Your going to live here." My mom told me.

"But...but..." I didn't mind in a way but i'd miss home too.

"Just for a while." I nodded not really getting who James was. He was here and now I was going to be staying with him. This summer just got good...

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