Well if you don't get what this is about no :)

Chapter 1


cutiecookiemonster2011: She's my super duper best friend on Quibblo She's pretty girly but she is the absolute funniest person ever! She has great taste in guys (except can't tell that Blake Shelton is freaking gorgeous ;) (still love you though) :)

adam_young_lover: She totally rocks!!! She's funny and creative and just super awesome :D Lol and if ur reading this Paris Hilton will get you!

JesusFreak45: Lol She's sooooo funny! She's a Jesus lover and super country just like me!!

RJVD: I haven't talked to her in a while but she's super artistic and fun. She can make me laugh but I can have an actual conversation with her too! You rock!

KiraYoung: Back when I talked to her for hours and hours she always made me laugh and she always had something cool to talk about :D :D :D

Those were my top 5. You should totally friend them!! To the people I didn't put on here I'm super sorry and you still ROCK!!!! You should friend them too!


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