My Bucket List (Things I want to do before I die)

Mhmmm. Had this on my laptop, before it somehow erased.

Chapter 1

Bucket List

1) Meet Tokio Hotel
2) Meet Never Shout Never
3) Meet My Chemical Romance
4) Go to all of the above's concert.
5) Go watch shark hunting in Florida.
6) Get a belly button piercing. (If I don't end up fat. lol)
7) Nose stud piercing
8) Peace sign tattoo on my ankle
9) Heart tattoo on my foot
10) The word "belive" on my wrist
11) & the word "dreamer" on my other wrist
12) Get as many people as possible to like Tokio Hotel
13) Ride in a hot air ballon
14) Live in Florida for atleast 6 months
15) Go to: Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, & Florida
16) Go to Germany. (Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Madenburg, etc)
17) See the Northern Lights
18) Own a dog/cat
19) Get a sidekick
20) Actually be good in sports besides, bowling
21) Go to da club, with Ashley (:
22) Kick Mena into a hole
23) I have a pen pal from Japan
24) Visit Tokyo Japan
25) Get OUT of Tennessee
26) Own a condo or small house by the beach
27) Own a prarie dog. (my cousin has one. It's possible)
28) Own a hummer
29) Get a sports car
30) Dye highlights in my hair. (blue, purple, possibly green)
31) Meet Clint. (hot topic worker)
32) Work at Hot Topic
33) Work at Taco Bell
34) Speak German fluently
35) Learn Japaneese
36) Own all the horror movies I absoutley love
37) Pull an all-nighter of 24 hours with no sleep
38) Be a marine biologist, if my rock band doesn't work out
39) Get contacts, instead of glasses
40) Get some glow in the dark, nerd glasses
41) Star in a tv show, or movie, somehow
42) Tell my friends to shut up, & quit telling me to trim my long nails
43) Get into a California college
44) See the Hollywood sign, in real life
45) See those things in Hollywood, with a celebrity's name & their star walk-way thing
46) Find a nail polish that glows in the dark
47) Write a GOOD song
48) Get to visit London
49) See a monster jellyfish. (They ARE real. They're in Japan)
50) Go to Hawaii
51) Go to the Grand Cayman Islands
52) Go to Hell. (Place in like Mexico or something)
53) Get a lime green phone
54) Be in a music video, even as a background person
55)Make anything that can sting you, (bees, wasps, hornets, etc) extinct. lol. (:

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