A Collection of Poems

I decided that I'm just going to make a story with all my poems in it, instead of posting them all up separately. Makes it easier to access them =) Most of you guys have probably already read most of these poems, but I can promise you that I'll be adding more whenever I can!

Chapter 19


Raindrops are falling outside of my window as I sit here in my car,
Gazing at your bedroom window that's been slightly left ajar.
I get out and call your name, but only silence fills the space.
I even knocked on your front door, which you slammed right in my face.
Why are you so angry about something you don't even know?
I didn't do what they say I did, and I've got just the proof to show.
If only you'll answer, if only you'll listen, if only you'd stay your hand
From closing the door in my face and refusing to understand.
A while ago I made a promise, one that I would never break,
That I would always wait for you, no matter what was at stake.
I'm keeping my promise, and you know, too, but you offer me no grace,
But you don't see the tears that are mixing with raindrops on my face.

I entered this poem on Poeticpower.com in hopes of possibly winning one of the top 10 slots. I don't know if I'll make it or not, because there are other extremely talented writers out there. Still, wish me luck :)

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