A Collection of Poems

I decided that I'm just going to make a story with all my poems in it, instead of posting them all up separately. Makes it easier to access them =) Most of you guys have probably already read most of these poems, but I can promise you that I'll be adding more whenever I can!

Chapter 2

The Moon

Look at the full moon, hanging up above, shining oh so bright,
A glowing circle floating in the sky upon this cloudless night.
I gaze up at its luminescence, it's awe-inspiring light;
I can't bring my eyes away from such a hypnotizing sight.
The moon's soft glow lands on my shoulders; I shake uncontrollably,
I tremble under such majesty that no one seems to see.
And then it dawns upon me that the moon is the true key
To unlock the wonders within myself, the wolf inside of me.

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