before you start, yes this is an about me thingymajiger. I LOVE YOU ALL! EXCEPT THOSE DAMN STALKERS! I HATE THEM! lol :}

Chapter 1

Weel then

1. I think that I have a disorder that makes me chew on plastic eating utensils from the skool lunch. I always keep my fork so that I can chew on it in class.
2. Imma nerd. My ppls probly didn't know that, didja? I don't rlly show that....
3. I have super messy handwriting. ''I'' can't even read it sometimes.
4. I looooove fedoras. Ya know, those hats that look like tophats, but like flatter and stuff?
5. My hair is originally brown. I dyed it auburn. Now my friends can't imagine me with brown hair :]
6. I'm a ''very'' hyper person that not everybody loves. At school I'm that gothic girl that worships the Devil and other dumb shiit like that. But don't believe the Devil part! They just say that b/c I'm not a Christian. I am very rarely not wearing black tho.
7. I GET HIGH OFF OF PIXXIE STICKS AND MONSTER! ''Especially'' together. OMG you do not want to be near me when I'm high ''and'' in a hitting mood. You will probly get beat up and sent home crying to your mommy.
8. I can hit. HARD. I've left bruises on my ''dad'' before, and that's saying something, with all that fat there (oops, did I just say that?)

okay, I can't think of any more at the moment. message me if u have more that i should put on here about me. I will only put 8 facts for each chapter, just b/c everybody else puts ten, and i wnat ot be different! :}
i also need like ten comments b4 i put anymore!

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