U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 66

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Chapter 1

Crazy Love

Justin arrived at my house, an hour after I called him.

I said opening the front door, "Hey my extremely handsome boyfriend." Justin said as he walked inside, "Hey Chey." I asked, "What I don't get a cute and complimenting hello?" Justin said, "Sorry. I'm just a little sad." I asked wanting to make whatever was making him sad go away, "What's making my man sad?" Justin said, "What's making me sad is that you're leaving in two weeks then this Thursday, we're leaving to Los Angeles for the Fast Five premiere. I feel like I'm hardly getting to spend time with my girl." I said, "After I finish filming this movie, I can come back in December then we have 5 months to be together until I leave to go film Glee in April." Justin said as we sat down on the living room couch, "Okay. But still that's not enough time to spend with my girl. I'm going to miss you when you leave. I just might not come out of my room until you come back." I said sitting down next to him, "You better not. I will call your mom to make sure that you come out of your room to eat, go to school and hang out with our friends. If I call and she says that you haven't left your room then I will fly home just to drag you out of that bedroom." Justin said as he rested his hand on my knee, "Okay. I'll make sure to go on with life after you leave me for awhile." I said as he leaned forward to kiss me, "Okay. I don't want you to put your life on hold for me because life doesn't wait for you." Justin kissed me and said, "I know that but you are my life. My whole world revolves arounds you." I said as we rested our foreheads together, "I know that and it's not healthy. You shouldn't make your world revolve around me." Justin said, "I know. You're my unhealthy obsession. You are like my brand of heroin." I said smiling and trying not to giggle, "Okay. You are my unhealthy obsession too." Justin asked only teasing me, "What? Bradley Cooper isn't your unhealthy obsession too?" I said, "We'll see in a month or two if he is or isn't my new unhealthy obsession." Justin said intertwining my hands with his, "You are one horrible girlfriend." I said as our lips brushed against each other, "I know. You are a horrible boyfriend too if that makes you feel any better about me being a horrible girlfriend." Justin said as he kissed me, "Okay. That does make us even. I'm a horrible boyfriend so you have every right to be a horrible girlfriend." I said in between kisses, "Yes, it does."

Justin's tongue asked for entrance into my mouth and I granted him permission and our tongues explored each other mouths. I asked pulling away from the kiss, "Do you really want to do this, Justin?" Justin said wanting to keep kissing me, "Yes, I'm sure I want to do this." I said as my thoughts drifted from doing this with Justin to what Bradley would think if he found out or walked in on us, "I can't do this with you, Justin. I'm sorry, I just can't." Justin asked sounding a little mad, "You can't do it with me but you can do it with Chaz?" I said, "Justin. With Chaz, it didn't really mean anything but with you, I want it to mean a lot and it won't if we did it right now." Justin said he put some space between us, "Okay. We'll wait." I said, "Okay. I love you." Justin said, "I love you too."

I asked after a minute of silence, "So, what did you want to do?" Justin said, "I don't know. Want to go watch a movie?" I said hoping that he didn't want to go watch The Wolfman since I saw it earlier with Bradley, "Okay. We can go watch that one movie about that superhero, Wolverine?" Justin said, "Okay. I thought that you would want to go watch The Wolfman but okay, we can go watch Wolverine." I said, "Nope, I don't want to watch The Wolfman, I heard that it was a terrible movie so we'll just go watch Wolverine." Justin asked eyeing me like he knew that I was lying, "You went and watched The Wolfman with Bradley, didn't you?" I said knowing that he was going to find out sooner or later and I might as well be the one to tell him, "Yeah. Sorry. I didn't know that you would want to watch that movie." Justin said, "I didn't want to watch that movie, I just didn't want you lying to me saying that you didn't want to watch it when you really did but you already did with another guy." I said, "As confusing as that sentence sounded, I actually understood it." Justin said, "Cheyenne, nows not the time to try and be funny." I said, "Okay. Sorry. I understand that you feel like I'm lying to you about going to the movies with Bradley but you know that it wasn't like a date. Bradley and I are just friends. Nothing more, nothing less." Justin said, "Okay." I said as I kissed him, "Seriously though I want to go watch Wolverine so let's go." Justin said as he kissed me again, "You are one bossy little girl." I said as I got up from the couch, "I know."

Justin and I went to the movies but I didn't even really know what was going on in the movie because Justin was distracting me by holding my hand then kissing me every once in awhile.

-After The Movie-

I said as we walked out of the movie theater, "I don't even know what just happened in that movie." Justin asked laughing, "Why?" I said, "For starters, you were very distracting with your kisses. Then, I was thinking that I'm so lucky to have you as a boyfriend. Lastly, I was just thinking about the time that I'm going to spending away from you and how much I'm going to miss you." Justin said as we got to my car and I hopped in the driver's side, "I know. I'm really going to miss you too, Chey. But at least you'll have Bradley to keep you company on set." I said as the smile that I had just a couple seconds ago disappeared, "Haha. Very funny, Justin. I'm starting to think that Bradley is better company then you are." Justin said seeing that he had gotten my mad, "Aw....now don't be like, Cheyenne. You know that I was only joking." I said as I started the car and backed out, "Okay but it didn't sound like one." Justin said, "But it was."

Justin said breaking the silence that had formed between us, "You can take me home." I asked, "Why? You don't want to spend some time with me before we leave to Los Angeles for my premiere because from Los Angeles, Bradley and the rest of my new friends are leaving for Vegas." Justin said, "My mom wants me home." I asked as I slammed on the brakes in front of his house, "Okay. I would say liar but you already know that you are." Justin was going to protest but I said, "Go inside, Justin. Your mom's waiting for you." Justin slammed the door with much more force than was needed and I was mad so I didn't even notice when Justin patted his back pocket and yelled, "Cheyenne! I dropped my phone in your car!" I drove off before he could reach the passenger side door.

When I got home, I got out of my car and slammed the door shut. I said to myself, "Ugh. Sometimes Justin can be a complete sweetheart and others, he can just be a complete jerk."

I walked up to my front door and I noticed someone sitting on the steps waiting for me.......


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