Love at Hogwarts: Year 2 Chapter 19::: A Harry Potter Love Story

Ok thank you all soooooo much for reading! You all are sooo nice! I really hope you like it, if you have any suggestions just comment or send me a message!

Chapter 1

Whats a......

We walked to Hagrids, every couple seconds Ron stopped to puke, he even made me gag a couple of times. As soon as we got to Hagrids Harry explained what happened. I sat on Hagrids couch nexted to harry and ron, hermione was just standing there looking the same, just a blank face.
"Hermione whats wrong?" i ask
"He- he called me a-a mudblood!" she says turning to me. Whatever a mudblood is it sounds bad.
"Whats a mud-" harry asks but hes cut off by Hagrid
"It’s a disgusting thing to call someone. Dirty blood, see Theres half-bloods, pure bloods, and muggle borns, some people think there should only be purebloods, its terriable" he said. I put my hand on hermione shoulder trying to get her to sit, when she did i gave her a hug. God one day malfoy will get it...i swear!
~~~Only a little later~~~
Ron finally seemed to stop puking slugs, and we decied we should go back to the castle since classes were almost finnished, plus me and harry had detention today. Once we got to the common room I had to go to detention.

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