Aha Yes, Another Story Contest :) A Rule Has Been Changed. Please Read.

Read the title? Then you know what this is aboot :)

Read chapter two for the rule change.

Chapter 1

Story Contest Rules

So I've entered a few contests on both my accounts and seeing as they are so fun, I'm going to do one as well. No, I'm not copying. I simply want to see how many people will enter. I can't wait to see the stories if people enter :)


1. The story must be your OWN idea and you may have up to 3 or 4 people writing it with you.

2. The story must be at least 5 chapters long by July 31st. It does not have to be finished by then.

3. No copying. If I find out you did, you will be disqualified.

Things I like;
Basically anything :)

Although message me what category it would fall under so I may do a bit of background if the story is about something I don't know.

As for prizes, personally I think everyone is a winner but I'm going to have people vote along with me which story they like best. That way it will be a majority rules.

Prizes for winners? I'm not sure yet, please feel free to message me or comment if you have ideas.

Good luck everyone! :)

~Sally 'Bianca' Charlie Jones

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