This may not be the most interesting story but it talks about what is the connection between me and dancing... plzz comment my first story tell me what you think!!! d:)

Chapter 1

The Begining Steps, Music For Love

I first started dancing when i was 4 or 5. I was in this hotel with my dad for his meeting and then i saw these guys dancing outside. The were pretty AMAZING! I just stood there in awe and then i went inside told my dad
"Hey daddy, i want to do that"pointing at the guys dancing Hip Hop. He saw what i was looking at and said
"lets get you to a dance studio" and it was for ballet... I was obviously not happy with that. I waned to dance Hip Hop and break not ballet! But I just usually didnt pay attention to the teacher, I just walked away from the group and looked in the mirror dancing, not knowing what I was doing. Just doing my own thing. So the teacher called my parents saying how I was misbehaving and rebelling against the teacher and the rules. So I went to my dad with my ballet clothes torn up and drawn on he FINALLY undertood!!!
So instead of taking me to dance classes because my father had no time, I took matter into my own hands.

Sorry for it being to short but more chapters!!! d:)

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