A Love Poem :)

Helloo :) I haven't actually written a poem about love or romance (ect. ect.) before, but I thought I'd give it ago :) pleasee tell me what you think, I'll happily take feed back :)
Hope you like it :)!!

Chapter 1

I'm For You

by: JustSmile
Love and life alike
Each can be true
They both unite again
Because I am for you.

Love and death erase
All the bitter fools
And time will move on
But I'll still be here for you.

Love and pain corrupt
Their not so different, the two
But never quite at rest
I'll always fight for you.

Love and time will pass
Bonds will somehow undo
Things will soon be gone
And I will cry for you.

Love and I embrace
Like old friends we knew
But the honest truth is
I will always be for you.


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