The Last Airbender: Book 4: Shadow

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Chapter 1

The Cabbage Merchant

by: Cinderkit
**This is to entertain you ;3**



A loud boom and a crash pierced the quiet air of Ba Sing Se.
"No! My cabbages!" A man exclaimed. He dived out of the way as a large bear suddenly smashed through his cabbage cart. The cabbages were violently torn apart and spread across the road as the bear searched the remains of the demolished cart until it found what it had been looking for, a thick, juicy piece of meat. The cabbage merchant stared blankly as the bear lifted it's prize in it's mighty jaws and gobbled it up. Satisfied, it sauntered off in the direction of the palace. A young boy who was about 17 years old had been watching the scene and could barely contain his laughter from his perch on the roof of a nearby shop.

"Curse you Baso!" The merchant exclaimed, raising his fist in the direction the bear had went. Basco seemed to have taken a liking to his cabbages lately. His anger quickly melted and he then got down on his knees to sift through the remains. "Where are those three when I need them?" he grumbled to himself.

The Cabbage Merchant had hired three assistants to help with the selling and guarding of his beloved cart. Two were now present at the site of destruction but had been walking down the paved roads of Ba Sing Se towards their boss when they had first heard the noise. The two girls now giggled, trying to hold back their laughter, as they looked at the remains. They knew they'd have to clean this up, but it was just too funny, and this wasn't the first time it had happened.

The merchant, hearing them giggle, looked up from his cabbages and glared at the two girls. "Loki, Namiko, quit your gawking and clean this up!" He said fiercely. The girls quickly hushed up and bent down to pick up the surviving cabbages. "Now tell me where Keiran is, he should have been with you two!" The merchant scolded.

Loki glanced up at him as Namiko shrugged her shoulders, "Sorry, he disappeared on our way back. I have no idea where he is." Loki told him. She told the truth, but their boss looked at her skeptically and she could tell he didn't believe her. She sighed inwardly. The merchant stood up, muttered something incomprehensible under his breath, and stormed off towards the palace, probably to request an audience with the Earth King to talk about his 'bear'.

"If I know Keiran, he's probably off flirting with some girl." Namiko said, rolling her eyes. She glanced at Loki who seemed to be concentrating on something. She was clutching a cabbage in one hand. "Loki?"

Loki's head turned toward a nearby shop. Smirking, she chucked a cabbage in the direction of the roof. Someone grunted as the cabbage hit it's target. The 17 year old boy who had been hiding atop the roof, jumped down and walked toward the two girls with an annoyed look on his face. Namiko chuckled as he plucked chunks of cabbage out of his hair.

"How does the cabbage taste, Keiran?" She said, still chuckling. Keiran grimaced as he swallowed a piece of cabbage that had made its way into his mouth. Rolling his eyes, he ignored Namiko, folded his arms, and glared at Loki.

"Was that really necessary?" Loki tapped her finger against her chin, pretending to think it through.

"Yes, yes it was." She said, smirking.

Loki was a girl of seventeen. She had large, red eyes and long black hair tied back in a ponytail. Her outfit consisted of a red fire nation headband and a red shirt that stopped right above her stomach and a tight, black shirt underneath it, which was the length of a normal shirt. Both were short-sleeved but the black shirt’s sleeves were slightly longer. The red shirt had a slight collar look to it at the top and had two strings dangling from it. Loki also had red shorts that were slightly baggy and had black, skin tight shorts underneath so that it was slightly longer. On her feet were red shoes with a black border running along the top.

Keiran was a boy of seventeen, who was an earth bender with a slightly muscular figure. He had deep, blue eyes and brown hair that went down to his ears. Some of his hair hung in front of his face above his right eye which he had to continuously blow out of his face. Around his forehead he had a leaf green headband that had the Earth Kingdom symbol in the middle. His shirt was tight and dark green and was kind of like a tank top, so on both of his shoulders was a tan shoulder pad that was the same color as his boots, though he often walked around in his socks. The pants he had on were dark brown and baggy, and around his waist was a tan belt. His forearms and legs were wrapped in white gauze (is that what its called?).

Namiko was a girl of sixteen and was a water bender; however she tried to avoid using water bending unless it was absolutely necessary. She had hazel green eyes and short hair in the front that stopped above her shoulders. The hair in the back was much longer, it went all the way down past her lower back and that hair was pulled up into a ponytail with a light blue bow. Her outfit consisted of a long, light blue shirt that came down to her waist. She had on darker blue skirt with pink trimmings that waved out from the skirt and with tight shorts under that to make it longer except these were a deep, almost black-ish blue. Her shirt had long sleeves and a cropped neck that came down above her chest and her shoes were just like Loki's except they were dark blue.

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