Gingerly in Love (A Ron Weasly Love Story)

So Guys I'm Not Stopping my Harry Potter one this is just a side story I guess, Basic Info
Name: Sophie Roux (if you know what the last name means it totally fits the story)
Hair/Eyes: Hair: Strawberry-Blonde shoulder length wavy, Eyes: Light Blue
Former Schools:Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Other: Mum and Dad both Brittish but moved to France for work and found out she was a wizard. You transfered to Hogwarts again for your Dads job, who is always getting transfered

Chapter 2

Sleeping Man .. Sleeping no more.........

Who was he?
The room seems to get colder and colder. I sense something coming, a gut feeling a get. I turn around facing the compartment door a black figure stands there, I pull out my wand from my boot, Holly 10 3/4 Unicorn core, One hand on my wand another on rons shoulder. The Black Figure comes into the compartment and goes over to Harry putting its hand on his face pulling it off, it looks like.
"Hermione you know spells what should we do?" Ron yells but she shrugs.
I know what to do my dad taught me when I was little, should I use it now?
"Expecto Patronus!" I shout but it seems like the sleeeping man had the same idea as me. He was standing there saying the spell to just looking at me.
The black figure was gone, Harry was knocked out laying on the floor.
"Bloody Hell!" Ron exclaims and looks at me, I manage to sadly smile at him, not cause I was sad but scared.
"How did you know that spell?'' the man asks
"I could ask you the same question" I say putting my wand in my boot.
"I'm a teacher"
"My father" I say, He walks over to Harry
'Who is He?' I lip to Hermione
She points to a name on a bag 'Remus Lupin' must be a new teacher.
Harry wakes up and Lupin gives him some chocolate saying it would help then walkes away.
"Did you hear the screaming?" harry asks bitting the chocolate
"No" we all say but harry looks at us like were crazy
"You didn't?"
"Nobody was screaming" I say and he gets up and sits by Hermione again.
"What was it?' he asks
We all shrug
"But you proabably should say thank you to Sophie and that guy" ron says
"Well Thank You" harry says
"No problem" I lean back into the seat.
"How did you know that spell?" Hermione asks
"My father taught it to me when I was really oung" I say ''He was always worried about me getting into trouble while he was gone"
"What does he do?" ron ask, I shrug
"You don't know what your dad does?" Hermione says
"He never told me , I never ask, I suppose its something secret though"
"Well how much longer do you think it will be?" Ron asks'
"Do we have to go threw this every time Ronald?" she says and we both laugh
"Ronald?" I giggle while saying it
"Yes Ronald whats wrong with Ronald?.!" He says smiling but me and Hermione keep laughing at him
"Nothing" I say continuing to laugh. I look at Hermione who is trying to stop laughing. I put my hand over my mouth so I'll stop
This continues for another 20minutes or so till he questions my last name
"Ok then whats the last name Roux mean?" Ron asks
"Roux is french for someone with red hair!" I say
"Roux?" he repeats
"Yes . Hence the red hair" I say pointing to my hair.
Me and Ron talked like this till we got to Hogwarts.
"So how do you get to Beauxbatons?" He asks as we step out of the compartment
"Umm well we usally take a flying carriage" I say following behind him
''Yes, would I lie?" I ask sarcastically
But he just laughs at me, I walk and then trip over something.
"Sorry" a boy with red hair says, then another one identical to him comes out of his compartent to. Ron helps me up
"Thanks" I say and brush myself off, the two red heads must be twins, I think.
"Sophie these are my bother-" ron trys to say but they cut him off
"Fred" one says pointing to the other
"George" and 'Fred' points to 'George' (ok sorry if I spelt his name wrong)
They both reach their hands out and I shake them.
"So you've meet Ronald" Fred says
"Yes?" I say as the four of us start to walk down the train. I look at Ron and George hitting each other.
"No reason" he says smirking at the other too fighting. I smile at Ron.
"Sophie!" i hear Hermione yelling for me
"I better go" I say "Bye Weasleys!" I run off and go over to where Hermione and Harry were, off the train.
"Cool!" I say, The castle is similar to Beauxbaton's but this is more medevil where as Beauxbaton's is white and more modern, I like this one better!
"Where were you?" she aks
'With Ron and his bothers"

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