Gingerly in Love (A Ron Weasly Love Story)

So Guys I'm Not Stopping my Harry Potter one this is just a side story I guess, Basic Info
Name: Sophie Roux (if you know what the last name means it totally fits the story)
Hair/Eyes: Hair: Strawberry-Blonde shoulder length wavy, Eyes: Light Blue
Former Schools:Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Other: Mum and Dad both Brittish but moved to France for work and found out she was a wizard. You transfered to Hogwarts again for your Dads job, who is always getting transfered

Chapter 3

Which House will it choose? plus Rons POV

"With Ron and his brothers" I say
"Oh, which ones?'" she asks
"Umm Fred and Geroge" i say looking at the castle
"Uh, Oh arent you suppose to find Mcgonell?" she asks
"Ya she shoulde be somewhere?" I say looking around for a older women thats all I know.
"There she is" Harry yells pointing to a women with a large black hat on along with another old looking hat.
"Ok I'll see you guys later!" I say
"We'll save you a seat! Hermione says
"Thanks" I say and run over to the lady
"Miss Roux I persume" she says
"Yes, Thats Me" I say
"Ok lets make this quick just sit here" she says and I sit on a tree stump and she places the old dusty hat on my head.
"So whats this do?" i ask look at the hat
"It will sort you into your house" she says
"Ok then" I say holding my breath as it speak
"Hmmm a old Beauxbatons study, Pretty and smart maybe ravenclaw?" it says
'No griffindor where my friends are' I think to myself
"Oh but very brave and ready for anything maybe.....yes Griffindor!" It says and I let out the air I was holding in.
"Great my house, Glad to have you miss roux" Mcgonell says
"Thanks" I say
"I think someones waiting for you" she says and I look over her shoulder and see Ron, how sweet!
"Oh" I say
"Better run along then" she says and I walk over to Ron
"Hey you waited?" I say and we start walking over to the carriages
"Oh ya just wanted to make sure you didn't get lost" he says
"Oww Thanks" I say and he helps me onto the carriage
"So did you get into Griffindor"he asks sitting next to me
"Yes thankfully" I say smiling at him, I see his cheeks go a little pink, he's to cute!

~~Ron's POV~~~~
As me and Sophie, the amazing beauxbatons transfere, walk out of compartment Fred 'actedently' (sp?) trips her.
"Sorry" Fred says and I grab her hand to help her up.
"Thanks" she says, Fred and Geroge look at me I sigh
"Sophie these are my brothers-" I try to say sighing but of course George and Fred have to still the spotlight.
"Fred' says George pointing the Fred
"George" Fred does like George did to him, I roll my eyes at them.
Fred looks back at me as he walks with Sophie. Oh great he knows I like her.
"So Sophie?" Geroge whispers drawing out Sophies name.
"Shut Up" I say and hit him
"Oh so you do like her" Geroge keeps saying but I keep hitting him and he does too, Sophie looks back at us and we stop but she just smiles at me. I feel my heart stop for a second. Hermione calls her and she leaves to find her and me fred and geroge hop off the train, I watch her walk off to Mcgonell.
"Pretty isn't she" Fred says behind me
"Ya" i sigh
They both look at each other grinning
"We Knew It!" They both say
"Take our advice" Fred starts to say
"Wait for her" Geroge finnishes, I look at them
"Really?" I say
"You probably should before someone else does" Geroge says
"We can see she fancys you too" Fred says sighing, Bet he likes her too.
"Oddly!" Geroge finnishes for him
''Hey!" I say and they run off to the carriages. Should I wait? Yes, Yes I should, Fred and Geroge are usally right about these things.

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