Gingerly in Love (A Ron Weasly Love Story)

So Guys I'm Not Stopping my Harry Potter one this is just a side story I guess, Basic Info
Name: Sophie Roux (if you know what the last name means it totally fits the story)
Hair/Eyes: Hair: Strawberry-Blonde shoulder length wavy, Eyes: Light Blue
Former Schools:Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Other: Mum and Dad both Brittish but moved to France for work and found out she was a wizard. You transfered to Hogwarts again for your Dads job, who is always getting transfered

Chapter 44

Sorry guys!

So after long consideration, I have decided I am going to not continue this story. It honestly pains me to say this. I really enjoyed writing this, but lately it hasn't been going anywhere and it felt like these last chapters were fillers for well nothing.

Maybe someday I will finish this. Its just been hard lately to write this. I have plans to write SO many other stories that I don't have time for this one.

Please forgive me! I will write a summary for the ending of what happened with Sophie and Ron it the next chapter soon.

Thank you for always reading this story guys!


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