Poem 2 :)

Helloo again :) I'm not to sure what inspired this, but I'm sure there's some reason behind it :) I haven't really put any poems on that are basically first person, but why not? I'll give it a go :) Anyway, I hope you like it and feel free to comment, I'll happily take any feedback you have :) ENJOY!!

Chapter 1

The Tear Drop

by: JustSmile
It comes out in many
Each one is but true
The tear drop keeps flowing
It's crying for you.

Lost and deserted
You once called it sweet
But now you don't care
I'm no longer complete.

Hollow and empty
If you judge from first sight
But look a bit closer
Its full of sad light.

My tear drops are crying
Are crying for you
Please wipe them away
And just see me through.

I need a few tear drops
They remind me of pain
But they can't stop the hurt
Just mix with blood stain.

You can stop the teardrops
And clearly know why
But you always stand there
And watch as I cry.


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