Harry Potter and the Olympians!!!!

My friend cozydog55 and I are combining our two favorite books, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. We hope you enjoy this new twist!

Chapter 1

For the Tri-Wizard Cup! (Harry Potter)

I walked with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger down to the stadium. When we reached the Champions tent, Hermione threw her arms around my neck, “Good luck, Harry” she said. Ron patted me on the back, and they walked into the arena to watch.

I took a deep breathe and stepped into the tent. Henry VonHolken nodded at me. “Hello ‘Arry” Lucy Jacobs said absentmindedly, checking out her nails. Henry rolled his eyes.

“Do either of you have any idea about what the challenge is?” I asked.

“No, not a clue.” Henry said. I frowned, because none of us had any idea what to expect. I heard the murmurs of the crowd, and Dumbledore speaking.

“Now, we will allow one of our champions to step out of the tent!” Dumbledore was saying, “Lucy Jacobs!” A heard a bunch of girls screaming. Lucy went to beauxbatons, an all girls’ school, so it figured.

Lucy stood up and dusted herself off. She checked her nails and her reflection in the mirror one last time and gave a satisfied, “Humph!” Henry and I stifled laughter as she briskly walked out of the tent, hair swinging behind her. A few minutes past of Dumbledore talking, and silence for a second or two.

Blood-curdling screams suddenly erupted from the stadium. I could tell the audience was holding its’ breathe, and I was, too. But, as fast as the screaming had started, it stopped.

Henry gave me a horrified look as his name was called. I heard him take a deep breathe as he walked out. The same thing happened over again, Dumbledore talking, then terrified yells.

“Harry Potter,” Dumbledore called. I stepped out of the tent and into the arena. Dumbledore continued talking, “You have to survive in another part of the world for a month. Good luck, Harry!” With a flick of his wand, Albus Dumbledore sent me flying through the air, and into a swirling portal-like thing, where the air seemed to bend around me. I heard screams of fright, and later realized that they were me. It lasted a few seconds and then I landed hard at the top of a hill over looking a strawberry field.

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