Hetalia Drabble Series!!!

Hetalia Drabble Series!!!

This is my first time making a drabble (this is the shortest thing I have EVER written)and if anyone who reads this wants me to do a hetalia drabble on their favorite character, I would be happy to oblige!!!
But please, only boy characters, unless you want a couple, like AustriaXHungary, or a yaoi couple like AmericaXEngland.
And if you do want one of these, it would be awesome, if you would tell me what you would want the plot to be about, and characters name.
Thanks!!! And enjoy!!!

Chapter 1

Please Remember Us ~PRUSSIA~ Gilbert

It had been so long. She hoped he remembered her. What if he didn’t? She didn’t think she would be able to take be forgotten by her former best friend.
She stood there quietly, as her friend Hungary introduced her to him. She smiled politely, watching his reaction.
He smiled back, confusion shining in his blood-red eyes.
Hungary walked away, leaving the two of them alone.
He stared a little longer at her, eyes scrunched up in thought.
Then, they snapped open wide, and his short white hair started flying in the sudden wind.
And he spoke. One word, but it was enough to break her.
And as he stretched his arms out, she ran straight into them, embracing her long-lost friend.
He had remembered, and that was enough for her.

Only 133 words!!!! plz message or add a comment if you want more!!!

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