yo mama jokes 5

Chapter 1

"east prodution"

1)yo mama's so fat she had to go to the hospital and get liposuckshion
2)yo mama's so small she signed up for football and she was the ball
3)yo mama's so fat when she goes sky diving she has to have milatary helicopers to get her to be able to sky dive
4)yo mama's so stupid she got proactive thinking it would make her not ugly
5)yo mama's so skinny when the wind hits her she goes flying
6)yo mama's so fat when she got on the bike it broke
7)yo mama's so stupid she got in a bus and said hey this is a very fancy bathroom
8)yo mama's so fat when she sits on the toliet it breaks and people say hey look they upgraded the toliet seat in here
9)yo mama's so skinny everyone says hey it's a walking tooth pick
10)yo mama's so fat at night everyone yells ahhh it's a meteor
11)yo mama's so stupid she think if she sits on the eggs the'll hatch
12)yo mama's so fat if she trys to scale a fence she makes it fall
13)yo mama's so stupid she thinks hot pockets are for torn up pockets replacement
14)yo mama's so fat she reseves the entie restrant and orders 10 of everything
15)yo mama's so ugly everyone says hey is it halloween already
16)yo mama's so hairy everyone tells her eww your fur coat is dirty
17)yo mama's so fat she tried flying and went to the tallest mountain just fell in to the ground in 5 seconds
18)yo mama's so old she had her picture in the last supper
19)yo mama's so heavy they have to get a fork lift to act like a wheel chair for her
20)yo mama's so fat they had to make her a city for her self so the other people wouldn't starve
21)yo mama's so fat she got the name fatazz when she was born

comment on your favorite one or ones
i decied i will contiue guys


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