.:. Three of a Kind .:. {Fred Weasley Love Story}

.:. Three of a Kind .:. {Fred Weasley Love Story}

Blue = Happy/Content
Green = Excited/Pleased/Amused
Dark Pink = Crushing
Light Pink = Love
Brown = Sad/Hurt
Light Grey = Worried/Nervous
Black = Confused
Red = Angry/Frustrated
Deep Purple = Attracted
Bright Yellow = Jealous
Orange = Surprised
Aquamarine = Playful/Happy/Cheerful
Gold = Annoyed
Violet = Scared
Burgundy = Embarrassed
Black = Confused

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Chapter 32


by: weatherby
Hermione had already been asleep with the curtains of her four-poster bed firmly shut when Veronica had gone to bed. When Veronica awoke late the following morning, she found Hermione's bed empty.

When Veronica entered the Great Hall for breakfast, she was surprised to see Ron sitting with Fred, George, and Lee without a trace of Harry or Hermione.

"Good morning," she said as she took her customary place next to Fred.

"Morning," said George. "Lover-boy was looking for you earlier."

"Ah, yes, my little Hogwarts champion," Veronica said.

Ron grumbled something. He was staring moodily at his plate and, instead of scarfing down as much food as possible like he normally did, he was merely pushing his eggs ad bacon around his plate with his fork.

"Where are Harry and Hermione?" Veronica asked, hoping to draw him out of his mood. Ron shrugged and continued to stare. Veronica's gaze met George's across the table and she raised an eyebrow questioningly. George rolled his eyes in response.

They continued to eat their breakfast in silence until Veronica looked up to see Cedric waltzing into the Great Hall, surrounded by a new group of admirers.

"Well, would you look at that," she said, standing up. "He's a regular celebrity!"

She strode across the Hall purposefully. Cedric's throng of admirers parted as she approached. Cedric was in the midst of laughing at something a pretty sixth-year had said; Veronica's eyes developed a few yellow specks. She threw her long hair over her shoulder and smiled brilliantly. All the other girls paled in comparison.

"Darling!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around Cedric's neck and kissing him passionately in spite of the on-lookers. Cedric wrapped his arms around her waist and when she tried to break the kiss, he tightened his grip and deepened the kiss.

The loud cheers and wolf-whistles from the crowd at the entrance to the Great Hall told Fred that Veronica was giving Cedric a warm congratulations. His spirits sunk lower than Ron's and George braced himself for a fun day.

"How does it feel to be Hogwarts champion?" Veronica said, slightly breathless after the kiss.

"Brilliant!" Cedric announced to great cheers.

Veronica raised her eyebrows and laughed ta their studio audience.

"Was there a big celebration in your common room last night? We had one for Harry." A few Hufflepuffs hissed but Cedric ignored them. They took their usual seats at the Hufflepuff table.

"But of course! You can't expect the Hufflepuffs not to enjoy their new-found glory! You should see the looks I'm getting from the Slytherins! Priceless!" Cedric's eyes were lit up with excitement.

Veronica glanced over at the Slytherin table to see Malfoy staring at them and chewing his fooda little more violently than usual. She grinned at him; he wrinkled his nose and looked away and Veronica laughed.

"I'm so proud of you," Veronica crooned, turning back to Cedric. "Out of all the people who entered, the Goblet chose you!"

Cedric grinned.

"Congratulations, Ced," a burly boy said as he passed the table, clapping Cedric on the back.

"Thanks, mate," Cedric said.

"Hey, Ced!" chorused three seventh-year girls, taking the seats around Cedric and Veronica. One of the girls gave Veronica an assessing look.

"Uh, hi," Cedric said, obviously taken aback.

"Great job becoming Hogwarts champion," one girl said, leaning in towards him.

"Thanks," he said.

"I can't think of anyone else in school who could do a better job. You must be very talented," fawned another.

"Yeah, I can't believe that Harry Potter. Hasn't he got enough fame already? Does he really think that a little boy like him could compete with you?"

The girl who had last spoken placed her hand delicately on Cedric's forearm. Veronica's eyes quickly changed from golden to flaming red. As Cedric searched for words to say, Veronica burst out, "I for one don't think Harry put his name in the Goblet at all."

Cedric raised his eyebrows at her but quickly shrunk away, seeing her eyes. The three girls were obviously shaken as well. The girl's hand quickly flew off Cedric's arm and all three girls exchanged alarmed looks.

"He's well aware of his magical abilities and people like you are just going to make it harder for him. Can we go for a walk, Ced?" She stood up and took Cedric's hand.

"Of course. Bye, ladies," Cedric said, turning to wave.

"Hey, Ced! Mind if I tag along?" called Ernie MacMillan. He was surrounded by six or seven other Hufflepuffs.

Cedric shot Veronica a quick apologetic look before agreeing. And so, Veronica spent the rest of the afternoon with her loving boyfriend surrounded by such a large group of admirers that she barely got a word in edgewise.

By the time dinner rolled around, Veronica was thoroughly fed up. Without even a parting glance from Cedric, she dislodged herself from the throng and headed straight for Fred and George, plunking herself down next to Fred.

"What a day," she sighed.

"Fame not all it's cracked up to be?" George asked.

"Or is it just that you didn't get any snogging time with lover-boy?" Fred added, batting his eyelashes and puckering his lips at her.

Veronica laughed despite herself and pushed Fred away. "Go on, Fred. It just wasn't the best day. I don't really want to talk about it."

"Well," began Fred.

"We've got something," said George.

"That'll cheer you right up," finished Fred.

"What?" she asked eagerly. Her eyes quickly changed to green; she could smell a prank afoot.

"Just sit back, relax, and keep an eye on the Slytherins just across from us," Fred said, leaning back and placing an arm around her shoulders. Veronica smiled.

Directly across the Great Hall was a group of sixth-year Slytherin girls. They were laughing and casting fleeting looks at Harry just down the table from Veronica and the twins.

"What's goin--" Veronica started, but Fred pressed a finger to his lips and nodded towards the girls.

"Just wait," he said, his eyes dancing. Veronica's pink eyes lingered on Fred's smirking face before looking across the Hall, where the Slytherin girls had just finished their main course.

The girls began to sample the dessert dishes and they seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as they whispered and giggled, purposefully staring at Harry, that is, until one of the girls started choking, followed by the girl beside her. They sputtered and spat until their gigantic pink tongues burst from their mouths. One tongue unravelled onto the table, sending plates flying and making no less than seven Sytherins leap from their seats in fright and disgust. The tongue of the second girl unrolled into the laps of her friends, who yelped in disgust.

Veronica roared with laughter, along with the greater part of the students in the Great Hall. She high-fived Fred, George, and Lee before doubling up with laughter.

"That'll teach them to talk about Harry," said Lee.

"Yeah, keep those wagging tongues in check," said George.

This renewed their laughter until they had to lean on each other for support.

This was about the tie Cedric walked into the Great Hall.

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