My Pokemon, My TRUE friend Suicune

Chapter 1 is before main story.
Character name: Skylet
Homeland:Fiore Region.

Chapter 1

The Meeting

I sat upon the ground, weeping quietly. My pokemon, my ONLY pokemon. Abandoned me. Luxray abandoned me before they struck. A rouge bunch of Beedrill. I'd accidently invaded there territory, they attacked, Luxray ran. My brother gave him to me when I began my journey. He origionally was my brothers well behaved for him, but when he was given to me he wouldn't listen to me, he'd disobey me all the time. My brother had instructed him to do what I said. I had no Gym badges because he never listened to a word I said. Fury Attack and Twineedle.
I lay there crying, praying help would come. Then. It appered, Large, beautiful and majestic, just as the books said. Suicune in all its glory, it saw my wounds, It roared loudly and violently, it shook the earth beneath me. That was the last I saw before darkness took me.

I was awoken by a snoring sound, my eyes flew open as I remembered my ordeal. Suicune stood a few paces from me, not moving, not making noise, looking at me. I looked at it. It was a male... It moved over to me and nuzzled me, he seemed so kind and nice, I saw my bagpack close to me I slowly reached for it. He was quicker than me, he grabbed it with his jaw, ripping the zipper apart. My Pokeballs fell out, all empty, as usual. He seemed to understand my predicament. We looked into eachothers eyes for some time before he bowed his beautiful head and nudged a Pokeball towards me, I slowly began to understand. He wanted me to capture him, I rose to me feet and looked at him. He bowed his head and stepped back. I took a deep breath and threw the Pokeball, it caught him, it dropped, he was caught.
I picked it up and released him. He nuzzled me and stood proudly at my side. This.
This was the start of a beautful relationship and a great journey.

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