bleeding rose

bleeding rose

a girl's inner-thoughts Am i crazy?

Chapter 1

i don't really care

by: shinziki
something so pure is easily tainted like a white rose dyed red.Do you have to be corrupted to kill?but seeing blood thrills me its somewhat human nature. You cant lie to me everyone has wanted to kill some one at least one point in time. Like those evil bit**s claiming to be friends, dn back stabbers drown that bch in murky water.Im not the only corrupt one here.i think personally being corrupt is interesting, dn those girl's who think their so pure. I bet they have a dirty secret, i wish i knew it so i could crush them, make them cry until their eyes bleed(if that was possible) pretty pic that paints am i right? what's with this world always scrwing me over if its not one thing its another and i've grown tired of people bit*ing really i have, complain, complain, complain, look bch i don't give a dmn really if he cheated on you if you like Chad or Steven who has a better a** dmn it shut up why dont you jump off a building hmmm pretty pic this is why i hate school always having to act like you give a dmn about stuff when you really don't. I know i sound heartless well maybe i am don't really give a d*mn about that either


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